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2019 Choppin It Up with Amelya Hardaway


In this episode we meet Amelya Hardaway. Amelya works as a dentist at Christ Community Dental in the Memphis area and went to school with our host. In this episode we find out where Amelya is from, talk the good ole days in undergrad and her path to success as a proud HBCU grad. This podcast is brought to you by SAY Marketing and Promotions (6:36), Block Band Music & Publishing (5:09) Kevin Peete of RE/MAX PATRIOTS (7:26) BlockUsUp.com (5:55) SmokeeOs BBQ (8:09)

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Where is Amelya From – 9:24

First HBCU Experience – 10:13

Deciding on a Career Path – 12:34

High School – 16:22

Most Difficult Class in Undergrad – 17:33

Memories of Amelya – 20:12

Most Memorable Time – 23:18

After Undergrad – 27:15

All About Medical School – 31:50

After Medical School – 38:56

Most Memorable Experience in the Field – 42:50

Current Position into Promotion – 49:04

What Part of Dentistry is Taxing – 53:27

Closing – 59:44

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