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2019 Choppin It Up with Rodney Chism


Welcome….today we meet Rodney Chism. Rodney is the Director of Bands at Jarvis Christian College. Rodney has a great HBCU band timeline into how he became Director of Bands. Rodney has multiple similarities with our host that will make a great podcast. In this episode, if you love HBCUs and you marched anywhere we have a real talk with Rodney Chism

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What Up from Bridgette – 8:30

Where is Rodney From – 21:01

First HBCU/Music Experience – 22:26

First Instrument  (Movies) – 25:07

Memorable High School Experience – 31:00

College Decision/Transfer – 34:19

JSU vs TSU ’97 – 48:15

Chat Room Question (Avoiding Student Transfers) – 52:40

Memorable TSU Experience – 56:40

Time to Be a BandHead (Surprise on Saturday) – 1:01:42

UAPB Life – 1:06:32

After Undergrad – 1:16:30

Boom Experience – 1:22:50

After Jackson – 1:40:30

Come to Jarvis – 1:43:54

Closing – 2:05:40

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The 90 Degree Show Week 4


Welcome to the 2015 90 Degree Show Week 4! This week we have a good rivalry between Florida A&M and Tennessee State University The State Fair Classic with Prarie View A&M and Grambling, the Circle City Classic with Kentucky State and Central State, the Battle of the Bay with Norfolk and Hampton, the Chicago Football Classic with Morgan State and Howard, Alabama A&M homecoming with University of Arkansas Pine Bluff and Rashad will talk about the VA vs. NC BOTB. This year we welcome the great Christy Walker to the podcast, along with the owner and founder of Block Band Music and Publishing, Rashad Watters. Last but not least we welcome the great Ashlee Nicole who always has a pulse and her ear to the ground in the marching band world.

Listen to the show here: http://bit.ly/1NHo5ok

2014 Marching Podcast Award Winners!!

We had another great year of marching band performances and were blessed to do another show for the Marching Podcast Awards. I will be announcing the winners and honorable mentions on Twitter. This year Rashad Watters and James McDaniel from BandTube.com and Brian Rhodes, our marching Aggie, were on the show with me; and we had a good time. Shout out to my crab brother, Troy Milton, who was stuck in a snow storm in Detroit and could not call in to the show. Just like last year, our overlapping decisions were awarded the consensus selection, and we had to mention other schools because it is hard sometimes to settle on one band.  Here are the winners and the honorable mentions for the 2014 Marching Podcast Awards!


  • Best Songs – (Consensus) SC State: “Love and War”
    Mentions – Southern: “Beyond”, “On My Grind”, “Contusion” and “Stranger in My House” Alabama A&M: “Pretty Girls” and “Prototype” Livingstone College and Clark Atlanta: “Neck” North Carolina A&T: “When I Was Your Man”
  • Sleeper Battles – (No Consensus) Alcorn vs. Mississippi Valley, Prairie View A&M vs. Texas Southern, and Alcorn vs. Taladega
  • Best 5th Quarter (not only 5th Quarter but good match-ups of the year) – (Consensus) The Magic City Classic (Alabama State vs. Alabama A&M)
    Mentions  – Alabama State vs. Southern, The Boombox Classic II (Jackson State vs. Southern), Tennessee State vs. Jackson State, Texas Southern vs. Southern, and Florida A&M vs. Bethune Cookman
  • Sleeper Band – (Consensus) Miles, Taladega, and UAPB
    Mentions – St. Augustine, Alabama AM, Savannah State, Morgan State, Virginia State, Grambling, and Mississippi Valley
  • Best Halftime Show – (Consensus) North Carolina A&T (Honda Show, The Gangster Show, and Adrian Carroll BOTB)
    Mentions – Southern (Soul Train dance routine)
  • Best in the Stands – (Consensus) Southern
    Mentions – Tennessee State, Bethune Cookman, and North Carolina A&T
  • Best Overall Band – (Consensus) Bethune Cookman
    Mentions – North Carolina A&T, Southern, and Jackson State
  • Best Book (Repertoire) – (Consensus) Tennessee State
  • Best Drill – (Consensus) Southern
    Mentions – Howard, Ohio State, North Carolina A&T, and Bethune Cookman
  • Best Conference – (Consensus) SWAC

To listen to the show click here: http://bit.ly/19vY44P