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The 2018-19 90 Degree Show Vol. 8 ‘When They Show Up’

We welcome back Rashad Watters to our panel tonight. In this episode we talk about one of the greatest matchups in all of the HBCU world, The BoomBox Classic with The Sonic Boom of the South in Jackson State and The Human Jukebox of Southern University. We also talk about The This is America Show from North Carolina A&T.

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Videos provided by Human Jukebox Media, BGMM Media, JSU Bands, Marching Sport HBCUBands.com, ShowTime Web

This is America Show North Carolina A&T – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8oedqj_pXk

Zero Quarter BoomBox – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyv-4gKwYxc


Southern – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MEdRe-G-S4

JSU – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1oZ55cpkG0

The Fifth:


Prayers for Brian Simmons and Garrett Edgerson – 5:38

This is America Show NCAT – 13:45

Drum Transitions – 25:35, 29:19

Zero Quarter Boombox – 39:35

Halftime Boombox – 59:00

Everyone has a plan until Southern shows up, keep your composure – 54:46

Joe might be wrong on Tribute Shows – 59:40, 1:10:00

Fifth Quarter Boombox – 1:20:43

Closing – 1:30:58 (Bridgette Recipes, Nathan Haymer Eat Sexy)

Promo Drop:

Garrett Edgerson – https://www.daedge1pro.com/ http://bit.ly/1r3SSjZ – 13:19

Casey Nesbit – JSU Sonic Boom of the South Alum / NCAT Alum – http://bit.ly/1U4SDTS – 37:54, 38:44


Warren Shaw Clark Band Director – 9:43

Ernest Stackhouse – 14:03

Chat Room – 33:53

Christy Walker – 35:34

Duncan C Gray – 53:36

Elijah Thompson – 53:55

Louie Lindsay – 58:18

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The People Choice Awards for 2014-2015

The results are in and we appreciate all of those who voted for  !

This was by far the most participation we’ve had in our voting system. This is the third year of the 90 Degree Show, so we believe the fire is spreading. Special shot out to all of the people who run the Twitter handles for these fine institutions. A lot of our tweets about voting were favorited and retweeted, and we always appreciate the support.

Don’t get mad at me…again..lol…you, the people, have spoken, so here are the results from the 2014-2015 People’s Choice Awards for The Marching Podcast. Our next voting poll will be for The 2015 Honda Battle of the Bands! Thanks for being a part of the 2014 90 Degree Show!


Week 1: North Carolina A&T vs. Alabama A&M – 61%


Week 2: Tennessee State University vs. Alabama State – 57%


Week 3: Tennessee State University vs. Jackson State – Southern Heritage Classic – 65%


Week 4: Tuskegee University vs. Winston Salem – 85%


Week 5: Albany State vs. Miles College – 50%


Week 6: North Carolina A&T vs. South Carolina State – ATL Classic67%


Week 7: Southern University vs. Alabama A&M University – 93%


Week 8: Florida A&M University vs. Howard University – 93%


Week 9: Jackson State University vs. Southern University Boombox Classic – 69%


Week 10: Hampton University vs. Morgan State University76%


Week 11: Bethune Cookman vs. Norfolk State University – 50%


Week 12: Tuskegee University vs. Albany State – SIAC Championship – 100%


Week 13: Florida A&M vs. Bethune Cookman – Florida Classic – 60%


Week 14: Southern University vs. Grambling State – Bayou Classic – 74%



2014 Marching Podcast Award Winners!!

We had another great year of marching band performances and were blessed to do another show for the Marching Podcast Awards. I will be announcing the winners and honorable mentions on Twitter. This year Rashad Watters and James McDaniel from BandTube.com and Brian Rhodes, our marching Aggie, were on the show with me; and we had a good time. Shout out to my crab brother, Troy Milton, who was stuck in a snow storm in Detroit and could not call in to the show. Just like last year, our overlapping decisions were awarded the consensus selection, and we had to mention other schools because it is hard sometimes to settle on one band.  Here are the winners and the honorable mentions for the 2014 Marching Podcast Awards!


  • Best Songs – (Consensus) SC State: “Love and War”
    Mentions – Southern: “Beyond”, “On My Grind”, “Contusion” and “Stranger in My House” Alabama A&M: “Pretty Girls” and “Prototype” Livingstone College and Clark Atlanta: “Neck” North Carolina A&T: “When I Was Your Man”
  • Sleeper Battles – (No Consensus) Alcorn vs. Mississippi Valley, Prairie View A&M vs. Texas Southern, and Alcorn vs. Taladega
  • Best 5th Quarter (not only 5th Quarter but good match-ups of the year) – (Consensus) The Magic City Classic (Alabama State vs. Alabama A&M)
    Mentions  – Alabama State vs. Southern, The Boombox Classic II (Jackson State vs. Southern), Tennessee State vs. Jackson State, Texas Southern vs. Southern, and Florida A&M vs. Bethune Cookman
  • Sleeper Band – (Consensus) Miles, Taladega, and UAPB
    Mentions – St. Augustine, Alabama AM, Savannah State, Morgan State, Virginia State, Grambling, and Mississippi Valley
  • Best Halftime Show – (Consensus) North Carolina A&T (Honda Show, The Gangster Show, and Adrian Carroll BOTB)
    Mentions – Southern (Soul Train dance routine)
  • Best in the Stands – (Consensus) Southern
    Mentions – Tennessee State, Bethune Cookman, and North Carolina A&T
  • Best Overall Band – (Consensus) Bethune Cookman
    Mentions – North Carolina A&T, Southern, and Jackson State
  • Best Book (Repertoire) – (Consensus) Tennessee State
  • Best Drill – (Consensus) Southern
    Mentions – Howard, Ohio State, North Carolina A&T, and Bethune Cookman
  • Best Conference – (Consensus) SWAC

To listen to the show click here: http://bit.ly/19vY44P



The New 90 Degree Show!

We had a great time recapping the Boombox Classic, but we could have gotten more insight from more people. With more exposure and more popularity, any topic will get a certain number of callers, but right now and moving forward, we want to fill the thirty minutes we have with as many battle experiences as possible. If someone has a great experience they like to share but was not at a game that we focus on, they more than likely will not call in to the show. This weekend made me think of this when the BCU vs. NC A&T was played under hurricane conditions so not a lot of footage was available. The most coverage of any game I was exposed to was the SU vs. Alcorn State game, and our co-host Chris Jones attended a battle of the bands in South Carolina that he wanted to share with everyone.

After these events and more discussion, we have decided to let the 90 Degree Show be a listener’s chance to call in and share their experience at whatever game they may have attended the previous day. We will still ask our standard questions to add content and conversation to the call. We will try to implement this format for today’s show, and from this Sunday forward throughout the season, we will try to recap as many battles as we can each week. In the off-season, we will tackle topics of discussion like we started to do this spring. Here are our standard battle questions:

Best Sound
Better Marching
Best Drum Majors
Best Section
Better Halftime Show
Better Stand Performance
What was crankin’?
What was stankin’?
What were they thinking?
Your two cents

One idea, one year later

Today is the The Marching Blogcast’s one year anniversary, and we would like thank you for all the support and love. Special thanks to the staff that helps put this all together! We are currently working to set up a ‘Do Business As’ which allows us to operate and establish The Marching Podcast as an entity of business. I am excited about obtaining this classification because it has always been a dream of mine to own my own business, and it is even more rewarding to promote something that is special to me and will help the future generations. When filling out the form, I came across the birth date of the business. I immediately think May 19 because that was my first radio show, but I have been putting together this project for more than a year. So, what date did I really put this in motion? I came to this blog and looked for my first entry, and it was 9-11-11. This is a good date to use as the start date of the business because it was when I published my first post, and it is the same month as my birthday and soon to be the birthday month of my son! Super easy to remember.

We have started our fall lineup with shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and we now have six shows for the listeners to enjoy. The shows featuring Darian and Nicole may not come on every month because they are busy with their families and professions. We plan to get the information from them at the very least in this blog and/or connections to their websites. Our marching band battle recap show starts the 23rd of September with the Boombox Classic. We hope to get a good turnout and mold the format of the show. We want people to answer ten specific questions including time for their ‘two cents’.

In conclusion, I want to thank all the people that are following our blog, as well as all of my guests on the show and all the people who are working in this venture. Special shout out to my parents, who not only instilled in me the true value of being educated but also how important it is to educate and help those around me. I am very happy that I am still posting on this blog one year later, and I pray for many more years.