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And we’re off!!!!!

The marching podcast is moving along! We are adding more people to the interview list. We talked to Jarrett Carter creator of HBCU Digest and it was an honor to speak with him. He gave me some great advice and something that I am going to put into action very soon, and that is to create my own website to push people too. All of the things that I have blogged about I can put into the website and make it grow from there. He suggested that I build that up some first and then come onto his show so I can push people somewhere. With the website he said that content is king, so as many articles, videos, podcasts etc etc I can push to the site everyday it will build the marching podcast. He suggested that I used bluehost.com which he told me was expensive but worth the price. I still offered to interview him for my show for the following sunday June 10, which takes me to the next annoucement.

We have decided to give the show the 6pm eastern time zone time slot. The marching podcast will present a show every sunday at 6. We have 4 shows under the marching podcast that will present each month. We have:

The 90 Degree Show; The BlueNote Show; Choppin it up w/ the marching podcast; WoodSheddin with the marching podcast.

Woodshedding will consist of a woodwinds, brass, percussion and i would like to have an instructor speak and answer questions. I would love to have a resident instructor for the marching podcast that can give tips every month and answer questions for people that need help. In addition to a resident instructor I would like to some ground correspondants that can tape the bands and give an analysis. These people give us content on the website and more discussion to each episode. We will put it out there because I will be looking for a woodwind person. I have a person in mind for percussion and a couple in mind for brass.

After some research we found a site called Halftime Magazine. Halftime Magazine presents the sights, sounds and spirit of the marching arts in a highly visual format. Their mission involves education, entertainment and inspiration for our readers–marching instructors, students, parents, alumni and fans. This is my exact idea for my radio show and I would like to interview someone to talk about putting marching band in the forefront.

I really understand now about how much you put into your own business is how much you get out off it, and its not the end goal that you work for but you fall in love with the chase. I have taken that phrase from a co worker friend of mine from Illinois, who focuses on working out and falling in love with the work out and not trying to get to a certain goal. To make it something that you are making yourself do but making it a part of you.

See you every sunday at 6pm!