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The 90 Degree Show 2015 Week 13


Welcome to the 2015 90 Degree Show Week 13! This week is the one and only Bayou Classic with Grambling State University and Southern University. We talk about the show Friday night and the Halftime show the next day. We also got a chance to see the old Soul Bowl with Jackson state and Alcorn State University. Did these contests have the usual results? The hosts also discuss if it would be best to have a format to follow to award a winner of our Battle of the Bands. We also talk about an article written by a Gary Chambers titled. ‘Why doesn’t Southern Receive Funds from the Bayou Classic Battle of The Bands’ to help bring awareness to the financial side of the event. Who is making the money in these events? Tonight we welcome the great Christy Walker and the owner and founder of Block Band Music and Publishing, Rashad Watters. You can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast or follow our blog at blog4.themarchingpodcast.com

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The 2018 90 Degree Show Vol. 12 ‘Infractions’


In this episode we talk about The Great Bayou Classic with The Human Jukebox of Southern University and The World Fame Marching Band for TigerLand Grambling State University. We talk about the BOTB Friday night and then the halftime show at the game Saturday.

This podcast is brought to you by SAY Marketing and Promotions (59:15), Block Band Music & Publishing (14:22) Kevin Peete of RE/MAX PATRIOTS (1:00:06) BlockUsUp.com (15:08) SmokeeOs BBQ (1:00:47)

Check out our website http://www.themarchingpodcast.com/ you can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast, and follow our blog at https://themarchingpodcast.blog/ We hope you enjoy the show!

LINKS: – Provided by ShowTime Web, and Human Jukebox Media

BOTB – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R74PRMhwp3c&t=2275s

SU Halftime – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rM7nDmw9c

GSU Halftime – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVb-4sbRi1U


BOTB – 17:33

Infractions – 41:20, 1:34:58

Jill Scott – 48:15, 1:36:37

More MEAC vs. SWAC – 53:35

Halftime – 1:05:21

Traditions- 1:16:25

Prediction – SU vs. NCAT- 1:37:50


Kelly Charles – 1:01:24

D’Anthony Smotherman – 1:02:01

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The 90 Degree Show 2017 Vol. 7 The Bayou Classic


Welcome to volume 7 of The 90 Degree Show for 2017. In this podcast we discuss The Bayou Classic pitting Southern University’s Human Jukebox vs. Grambling University’s World Renown Marching Band from Tiger Land. This podcast is brought to you by SAY Marketing and Promotions, and Block Band Music & Publishing. and BlockUsUp.com Check out our website http://www.themarchingpodcast.com/ you can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast, and follow our blog at http://bit.ly/17Gl2e2t

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The 2016 90 Degree Show: The Bayou, a Tribute and Traditions Part 2


Welcome to the 2016 90 Degree Show. This is the second installment of the Bayou Classic Week. We talk to Kelli Charles about what she did for the holiday and what she thought about the performance from the two bands. We continue the discussion on the article published by HBCUDigest on the passing of Debra White the chancellor at North Carolina Central State University. Kelli gives her perspective about the Bayou Classic itself, traditions in our community, her experiences as a female educational admin, and recruiting athletes to HBCUs. This podcast is brought to you by Double Time Entertainment. DaEdge 1 Productions, Block Band Music & Publishing. Check out our website http://www.themarchingpodcast.com/ you can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast, and follow our blog at http://bit.ly/17Gl2e2t

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The People Choice Awards for 2014-2015

The results are in and we appreciate all of those who voted for  !

This was by far the most participation we’ve had in our voting system. This is the third year of the 90 Degree Show, so we believe the fire is spreading. Special shot out to all of the people who run the Twitter handles for these fine institutions. A lot of our tweets about voting were favorited and retweeted, and we always appreciate the support.

Don’t get mad at me…again..lol…you, the people, have spoken, so here are the results from the 2014-2015 People’s Choice Awards for The Marching Podcast. Our next voting poll will be for The 2015 Honda Battle of the Bands! Thanks for being a part of the 2014 90 Degree Show!


Week 1: North Carolina A&T vs. Alabama A&M – 61%


Week 2: Tennessee State University vs. Alabama State – 57%


Week 3: Tennessee State University vs. Jackson State – Southern Heritage Classic – 65%


Week 4: Tuskegee University vs. Winston Salem – 85%


Week 5: Albany State vs. Miles College – 50%


Week 6: North Carolina A&T vs. South Carolina State – ATL Classic67%


Week 7: Southern University vs. Alabama A&M University – 93%


Week 8: Florida A&M University vs. Howard University – 93%


Week 9: Jackson State University vs. Southern University Boombox Classic – 69%


Week 10: Hampton University vs. Morgan State University76%


Week 11: Bethune Cookman vs. Norfolk State University – 50%


Week 12: Tuskegee University vs. Albany State – SIAC Championship – 100%


Week 13: Florida A&M vs. Bethune Cookman – Florida Classic – 60%


Week 14: Southern University vs. Grambling State – Bayou Classic – 74%



Updates for the Rest of the Month and August.

Thanks for following our blog and thanks for listening to our network. We are proud to say that we are making great progress with the network and received confirmation with a great lineup of guests for the Choppin it Up show. This Sunday we go to the WoodShed with Avery McFadden. The following week the 22nd we talk with Lolita Carter of Dominguez Hills and City Sound. The 29th we talk with Robert Conner of Cream Percussion, and start the month of August with The 90 Degree Show: Goodbye the Capital City Classic with co host Marice Bailey. Marice will give the vibe and the word on the street in Jackson. In the middle of August we will chop it up with Christine Ngeo Katzman of Halftime Mag, and Tim Hinton of the Marching Roundtable To wrap up the month of August we will talk to Maleta Wilson of HBCU Tours. Stay tuned for spoilers on how we will handle the upcoming marching season!