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The 2018 90 Degree Show Vol. 7 ‘One Speed Lover’

In this episode we welcome back Ernest Stackhouse, owner, founder and editor of BlockUsUp Band Blog. In this episode we go to the great SWAC conference for a power matchup between Southern University and Texas Southern University. There was a BOTB last Friday night and the usual, halftime and fifth on the following Saturday.

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BOTB – ShowTime Web 3 Parts

1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EClDinBrIqA&t=20s

2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwGPfkIDHFQ&t=3s

3 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZJYsQH_oQQ&t=26s


Southern – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoJ_NFmxHHc

TxSO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ibH9KAOo1M

The Fifth – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FisDrSnkLLI&t=317s


Some Type of Convention – 9:10

BOTB – 12:10

One Speed – 17:00, 27:40, 57:09

Director Decorum – 17:50, 59:40

Silky Smooth – 18:43

Bands Today Sound The Same – 26:40, 31:39

Halftime: 38:58, 50:16, (Was TxSO scared?, 1:02:00), 1:11:20

Nathan Haymer- 40:46, 57:45

Small School Finance – 47:10

JSU vs. Alcorn Rivalry – 1:09:04

TMP Rule on Win & Loss – 1:16:37

The Fifth – 1:25:15

The Whispers – 1:32:19

Closing – 1:33:20

Promo Drop:

Curtis Tarver of 80 Minutes of Regulation – 11:47, 1:22:03

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Rogers Bros & Show Style Talk Radio – 5:35, 48:40, 1:14:00

Garrett Edgerson – 9:13, 31:15

Eddie Evans – 10:04, 39:50

Chat Room – 36:38, Major Payne – 36:59, Hassan Austin, A1storey – 1:30:46

Dr. Michael Magruder, Mr. Paul Adams, Dr. Lewis Liddell – 59:40

Kelly Charles – 1:10:08

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The 2016 90 Degree Show: The Celebration, The Clinic and a Championship


Welcome to the 2016 90 Degree Show. We welcome back Bridgette Bell and Rashad Watters to talk about their Christmas plans and we discuss The Midwest Band Clinic that took place in Chicago, Ill. We also discuss an article from CollegeMarching.com announcing The National Collegiate Marching Championship that opens up a previous discussion about the state of HBCU marching bands. Finally we wrap up the podcast talking about the 2016 Celebration Bowl between The SWAC champ Grambling State vs. The MEAC champ North Carolina Central State. This podcast is brought to you by Double Time Entertainment. DaEdge 1 Productions, Block Band Music & Publishing. Check out our website http://www.themarchingpodcast.com/ you can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast, and follow our blog at http://bit.ly/17Gl2e2t

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The 90 Degree Show 2015 The Celebration Bowl


Welcome to the 2015 90 Degree Show Celebration Bowl! The bowl game to kick off the bowl season will be the champions of the Southwestern Athletic Conference in Alcorn State University, against the champions of the Mid Eastern Athletic Confernce in North Carolina A&T State University. We will talk about this matchup, what we thought about the game, what we thought about this year overall in bands and who we think will win the Honda. This bowl was a great experience on TV, but can we get the SIAC and the CIAA involved? We brainstorm about how we can add our two other conferences in a bowl game or ask should the teams play each other? This is our last broadcast before the Honda Battle of the Bands in 2016. Tonight we welcome the great Christy Walker and the owner and founder of Block Band Music and Publishing, Rashad Watters

Listen to the episode here: http://bit.ly/1OPTLaV

The 90 Degree Show 2015 Week 14


Welcome to the 2015 90 Degree Show Week 14! This week is the conference championship between Grambling State University and Alcorn State University. We also have someone from Grambling that listened to the show last week and wants to address the discussion about the halftime show and about why NBC changed the broadcast channel. We also heard from more people that attended the Miles vs. Alabama State matchup from a couple weeks back and will read the comments that they sent in to us. Tonight we welcome the owner and founder of Block Band Music and Publishing, Rashad Watters.

Listen to the show here: http://bit.ly/1QQBLQR

The 90 Degree Show 2015 Week 10


Welcome to the 2015 90 Degree Show Week 10! This week we check out South Carolina State vs North Carolina A&T, and we look over to the SWAC for Prairie View A&M vs. Alcorn. We talk shortly about National High Steppers Championship and we talk about the best sounding bands of the year. Lastly we talk about another protest young students are taking, this time at University of Missouri. Tonight we welcome the great Christy Walker and the owner and founder of Block Band Music and Publishing, Rashad Watters.

Listen to the episode here: http://bit.ly/1OmKSYM

The 2012 Marching Podcast Award Winners

We enjoyed broadcasting the 2012 Marching Podcast Awards, and we are happy to give out awards to the schools listed below. I will also be contacting the band office of the winners and honorable mentions, so they are aware and can use this to promote their program. Troy Milton and Marice Bailey did the show with me, and our overlapping decisions or consensus is how we picked the winners for each category. In addition, we had other schools that we wanted to mention, but for the sake of time during the broadcast, we had to speed through our discussion and analysis. Here are the winners and the honorable mentions of the 2012 Marching Podcast Awards!

  • Best Songs – (Consensus) Southern: “Things Your Man Won’t Do”
    Mentions – Miles: “Pop Goes My Mind”; Bethune Cookman: “Sleeping in My Bed”; Jackson State: “Work Hard Play Hard”, “Imagination”; North Carolina A&T: “Nobody Does It Better
  • Sleeper Battles – (Consensus) Miles vs. Albany State
  • Best 5th Quarter – (Consensus) Tennessee State vs. Bethune Cookman
    Mentions – Alabama State vs. Alabama A&M, Jackson State vs. Alcorn State, Tennessee State vs. Jackson State, Bethune Cookman vs. South Carolina State.
  • Sleeper Band – (Consensus) Livingstone College
    Mentions – South Carolina State; Edward Waters College, Mississippi Valley State,
  • Best Halftime Show – (No Consensus)
    Mentions – Jackson State, North Carolina Central, North Carolina A&T, Ohio State, Bethune Cookman
  • Best in the Stands – (Consensus) Tennessee State
    Mentions – Alabama State, Southern, Bethune Cookman
  • Best Overall Band – (Consensus) Bethune Cookman
  • Best Book (Repertoire) – (Consensus) Tennessee State
  • Best Drill – (Consensus) Jackson State
    Mentions – Southern, Stillman College
  • Best Conference – (No Consensus) Marice and Troy: SWAC, Joe: MEAC

HONORABLE MENTIONS (Not mentioned on the air because of time constraints but nominated)

Best Songs – Norfolk State: “Out on a Limb”; SC State: “Pretty Brown Eyes”; Elizabeth City University: “Power”

Sleeper Band – Elizabeth City, Talladega College, Savannah State, Albany State

Updates to the website

We feel really good about the direction the website is going as we have made some upgrades and added more content for our listeners. First we changed the video of the week to video of the week by conference, in order to show a video from each conference each week and give more exposure to more bands. We will have a video for each athletic conference of the historically black colleges and universities: The MEAC, SWAC, CIAA, and SIAC. We hope this will bring more people to the site each week to see what band from their conference is highlighted.

We would also like to introduce HBCU Buzz to the site. We are using the Entertainment Feed from the buzz to update our listeners on entertainment news that may affect their schools. The Buzz provides the public with news relevant to HBCU campuses ranging from sports and fashion to politics and controversy from the perspective of current HBCU students and several journalists heavily involved in the black community. The Buzz is committed to promoting HBCU pride and unity in order to enhance the black college experience and uplift the perception of all black colleges.

Lastly we have added another sports radio site to our front page, the Heritage Sports Radio Network. For over 100 years Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) sports and the legends they have created have been one of the best kept secrets. Stars like Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Charles Oakley, Wilma Rudolph and Michael Strahan all trace their collegiate careers back to HBCU’s. A desire to provide national media exposure for this unique sports community and pay homage to past and present stars gave birth to Heritage Sports Radio Network (HSRN)

We have reached out to the people responsible for each site and hope to Chop it up with them in the future.