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The 2018-19 90 Degree Show Vol. 9 ‘Sell Some Tickets’

Tonight we welcome back Ernest Stackhouse to fill in for Bridgette. In this episode we talk about a MEAC Powerhouse with The Spartan Legion of Norfolk State University and The Blue and Gold Marching Machine of North Carolina A&T State University. We keep one foot in the MEAC and then go to the SIAC to discuss Savannah State and Fort Valley State at a BOTB from this past weekend.

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LINKS: BandTubeHD, ShowTime Web, BGMM Media, Norfolk State University Spartan Legion

Norfolk State – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCFTT4T7xaM&t=128s

Savannah State – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0w1qLCDwic

Fort Valley State – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koCMWAfXp00&t=177s

BOTB – NSU vs NCAT – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZHuFygS8l0&t=280s&fbclid=IwAR3gNzssoJ0nFjUp5P65zeqNfOFsU01beZK7NMT_IMbX5Yh0Q8fYPB669iI


Fort Valley State – 8:40

Sell Some Tickets – 18:23

DTP Ratio – 19:11, 26:26, 55:19

Savannah State – 21:46

Phrasing – 32:20

Rest of the Year? – 40:30

Spartan Legion vs. BG_MM BOTB – 46:00, 1:00:02

Block Us Up Preview! – 51:45

Shoot Dance is Back! – 55:26

Potential Origin of the Tuba Break (Mr. Adams) – 57:57

Norfolk Style, SWAC Volumes and Ballads – 1:08:15

Spartan Legion vs. BG_MM Fifth – 1:12:27

Spartan Legion Halftime – 1:15:16, 1:21:00

MEAC vs SWAC Step Twos – 1:16:00

NCAT Halftime – 1:26:00

Promo Drop:

Diamond Frazier – 44:26 – http://bit.ly/1WIRLX4

Andy Moreira – 44:46 – http://bit.ly/1WIRLX4


Bridgette Bell – 11:12

Mr. TJ85 – 14:20

ChatRoom – 26:30, 1:29:00

Christy Walker – 41:34

Prof Willie Snipes – 55:44

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The 90 Degree Show 2017 Vol. 11 #PMM vs. #HouseOfFunk

Welcome to volume 11 of The 90 Degree Show for 2018. In this podcast we discuss our first SIAC matchup in Miles College Purple Marching Machine vs. The Morehouse College House of Funk Marching Band. We also touch on HBCU band awards awarded for 2017, one created by The National Show Band Association and one created by The Rogers Brothers. This podcast is brought to you by SAY Marketing and Promotions, and Block Band Music & Publishing. RE/MAX PATRIOTS and BlockUsUp.com Check out our website http://www.themarchingpodcast.com/ you can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast, and follow our blog at http://bit.ly/17Gl2e2t

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Choppin It Up with Tomisha Price Brock


Introducing Tomisha Price Brock. Tomisha is the Head Band Director at Clark Atlanta University. Tomisha has had an interesting path in our craft and we are honored to bring you this conversation. In this podcast we find out where Tomisha is from, where she went to school, her educational path from a young age as well as her a career path to the Atl. This podcast is brought to you by Double Time Entertainment. DaEdge 1 Productions, Block Band Music & Publishing. Check out our website http://www.themarchingpodcast.com/ you can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast, and follow our blog at http://bit.ly/17Gl2e2

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The 90 Degree Show 2015 Week 11


Welcome to the 2015 90 Degree Show Week 11! We are getting to the end of the season and this week we have the SIAC Championship with Miles and Albany State and how this rivalry just got a little deeper this weekend. We also follow up about the connection between #ConcernedStudent1950 and #SilentShowTime from a post with 80 Minutes of Regulation, and more speaking out against administration at Shaw. We also talk a little about the women’s UFC fight, and the hazing video at Alcorn. Tonight we welcome the great Christy Walker and the owner and founder of Block Band Music and Publishing, Rashad Watters.

Listen to the episode here: http://bit.ly/1RR2ZUN

The People Choice Awards for 2014-2015

The results are in and we appreciate all of those who voted for  !

This was by far the most participation we’ve had in our voting system. This is the third year of the 90 Degree Show, so we believe the fire is spreading. Special shot out to all of the people who run the Twitter handles for these fine institutions. A lot of our tweets about voting were favorited and retweeted, and we always appreciate the support.

Don’t get mad at me…again..lol…you, the people, have spoken, so here are the results from the 2014-2015 People’s Choice Awards for The Marching Podcast. Our next voting poll will be for The 2015 Honda Battle of the Bands! Thanks for being a part of the 2014 90 Degree Show!


Week 1: North Carolina A&T vs. Alabama A&M – 61%


Week 2: Tennessee State University vs. Alabama State – 57%


Week 3: Tennessee State University vs. Jackson State – Southern Heritage Classic – 65%


Week 4: Tuskegee University vs. Winston Salem – 85%


Week 5: Albany State vs. Miles College – 50%


Week 6: North Carolina A&T vs. South Carolina State – ATL Classic67%


Week 7: Southern University vs. Alabama A&M University – 93%


Week 8: Florida A&M University vs. Howard University – 93%


Week 9: Jackson State University vs. Southern University Boombox Classic – 69%


Week 10: Hampton University vs. Morgan State University76%


Week 11: Bethune Cookman vs. Norfolk State University – 50%


Week 12: Tuskegee University vs. Albany State – SIAC Championship – 100%


Week 13: Florida A&M vs. Bethune Cookman – Florida Classic – 60%


Week 14: Southern University vs. Grambling State – Bayou Classic – 74%



The 2014 90 Degree Show Week 12

Welcome to the 2014 90 Degree Show Week 12! This week we talk our first conference championship of the SOUTHERN INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETIC CONFERENCE Albany State vs. Tuskegee University. We take a look at North Carolina Central and we will announce the winner of the People Choice Awards battle from last week. ‘Word on the Street’ we will try to find out what happened at Savannah State?

siac logo4

Listen to the show here: http://bit.ly/142E5P8