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Goodbye to WordPress

The idea came to me from my fraternity Omega Psi Phi where we are focused in creating programs for the advancment of our community, inturn the advancement of the world. My line brother AC Campbell started an Academic and Athletic Camp at Ontario High School in Ontario, CA where students would attend workshops to prepare them for college and play basketball in the school gym all in one day. It was an amazing success and from there I wanted to create my own program to benefit the world.

On September 11, 2011 The Marching Podcast was born here on WordPress. It wasn’t called The Marching Podcast then but I did want to create some type of podcast. My first thought was to do somethings with sports and/or fantasy football with my friend Collin Welbon who was also going to help as the editor for all the blog posts. I didn’t know that it would evolve into a podcast network with four different shows, but it started here as a blog to help spread the word about Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Our first post Hello World! explained to the world that me with the help of two of my friends from Johnson C. Smith, Samuel Glover and Steve Johnson, would be making notes and posting our experiences related to band moving forward. In May of 2012, I started broadcasting podcast style using the platform BlogTalkRadio (BTR), discussing topics related to marching band and any updates about my experiences building the network. I picked BTR because I follow HBCUDigest on Twitter and met Jarrett Carter Sr. who was brodcasting his show on BTR and things started to focus in my mind where I wanted to go. With Jarrett’s help and guidance I started the website for The Marching Podcast found a brand icon I could use for my show from a good friend from Nashville Marvin Haywood, started all the social media channels and been rolling ever since. I do want to send a shot out to John Pickens who designed all the icons for the three shows we created along the way. I also want to thank Christy Walker, Rashad Watters, Bridgette Bell and Ernest Stackhouse for being panelists on The 90 Degree Show podcasts. They were with me the longest including the season we did with NBC sports Radio. I have received help from so many people this blog post would be longer than I wanted, but I will say I never expected the love and support from so many people to get this going and I am grateful to all those people that have help me create something where I can give back to all HBCUs.

With all the advances we have made, we are at the point where we don’t need to have a blog in addition to the other platforms we are using to get our message out. We are going to discontinue the marching podcast blog on the 11th birthday of this venture, September 11, 2022. The site will close down and the domain themarchingpodcast.blog will be inactive. We will continue to send out news through social media and all the channels we share our content.

Thank you very much for all your love and support for this network and we will continue to see you on the interwebs as we continue to build for our beloved HBCUs!

Logos and more Logos

After doing some research, I found someone to create the company’s logos. I have placed the logo on the left-hand side of the blog, and in the near future, I hope to put the logo on merchandise to help plug the radio network. The logo is a happy face with a goatee listening to headphones. I wanted it to be super simple and to the point. I found an application called Logaster where paying so much per month allows you to select logos for your business. I was undecided whether or not I was going to use this application to select the logos for all of our shows, but then I decided that I would give the business to one of my friends. I really do like the logo, and I appreciate having it in a variety of colors as well.


My good friend Marvin Haywood, who was born in North Carolina and grew up in Nashville where he currently resides, created our logos. Marvin creates personal logos and is a Software Administrator in Franklin, TN. We met at the company I worked at prior to moving to California. We have kept in touch over the years, and as I started to build the radio network, I was reminded of his skills and thought it would be a good idea to contact him. We talked, and he created the logo (see below) for The 90 Degree Show. Marvin will also be creating the logos for Woodsheddin’ and Choppin’ It Up. I am really happy to be working with Marvin again.