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The Marching Roundtable

After talking to Christine Ngeo Katzman, the editor and CEO of Halftime Magazine I found out about the Marching Roundtable. The marching roundtable is essentially what I want the marching podcast to be but the roundtable has more information about Drum and Bugle Corps and is sponsored by Christine and Halftime Magazine. They have podcasts as well that range in a variety of topics. The site is really nice and the podcast are put together well and produced with high quality. The episodes are embedded throughout their website which is something that I would like in the future for the marching podcast. Tim Hinton is one of the master minds behind the website and I get to talk with him today.

I think that its important to have as many resources in the marching arts as possible because this still affects a child’s future with music. If they do not care for the show bands style this resource provides more choices for our young people. In addition the level of musicianship is very high and competitive for drum and bugle corps so this will help all students in music to become a better players. I do not look at the marching roundtable as competition because I believe the marching podcast has more of a goal to send kids to college and one day pay for multiple children to attend college while they participate in a music ensemble at their university. (Marching, Symphonic, Jazz, etc) In addition to discuss the show band style just as much as corps. I find their podcast very informative and may answer lots of questions why the college marching band does not have the same support system and element of competition. I will have Tim and Christine on Choppin’ it up in the month of August.

The next update will be the upcoming interviews on the Choppin’ it up show for the rest of the summer!