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Now Available on ITunes


I am proud to announce that The Marching Podcast is now a part of the iTunes Podcast Store. People can go there in addition to Blog Talk Radio and/or the website to listen to the network podcasts. Just do a search for The Marching Podcast and/or any of our shows (90 Degree Show, Choppin It Up, Woodsheddin, etc.), and you will see us under the podcast episodes. Also, if you look in the podcasts that show up and click on the ‘see all’ link, you should see the logo that is on the top of this post on the following page. Click on it and click subscribe to follow The Marching Podcast through iTunes.

This also is exciting because the audio quality on iTunes is a little better than it is on BTR. This post is a celebration but also a thank you note to all the listeners, staff and fans of the show. Without your support and work, we would not be in the iTunes store.

The Marching Podcast Network  https://itun.es/i6xp7Jf #iTunes

Thank You from the bottom of my heart.