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100 Broadcasts and Running!

304417_333112973452902_1444244306_nWe are proud to announce another milestone here at The Marching Podcast Network. On Tuesday, November 26, 2013, we will be broadcasting our 100th episode on The Marching Podcast Network: Chop It Up with Joshua Cousin. We are blessed and honored to reach this milestone and would not have done it without the listeners and our entire staff. We also want to give thanks to all the people that have broadcast shows on our network and all the people that helped with each broadcast directly and indirectly.

We want The Marching Podcast to be a series of positive podcasts that help inspire young people to do great things and make a balanced decision concerning the college they choose to attend. It it also for the adults to have a platform to reach these young people and be a positive benchmark for the rest of the world. Our passion is to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). We strive to provide scholarships to help increase the number of scholarships available and create excitement for HBCU’s. Similar to The Cosby Show and A Different World, we want The Marching Podcast to be that beacon of light and prosperity.

Each podcast has helped with the growth of the network and has also helped bring more listeners to a variety of our network’s other shows. At this time, I want to attempt to say “thanks” to everyone. Thank you to all the shows that have broadcast on The Marching Podcast Network, the people that have helped with audio quality and creative presentation, and last but not least our sponsors and patrons that allow us to broadcast during peak hours (please see the list below for more details). Special thanks to Collin Welbon our Director of Editing, who just recently boosted his career by taking a new job editing for a software company where he lives in San Francisco but will still be able to edit our posts. Another special thanks to all the experts that call in and help me host the 90 Degree Show.

Podcasts Shows:

Talking HBCU News with The Reeds

That’s What I’m Talking About with David Thompson and Howard Payne

Medicina with Irene Vizcarra

The Wright Way with Bert Wright

Eight to Five with Chris Jones

Brass WoodSheddin’ with Avery McFadden

Percussion WoodSheddin’ with Kerian Cox


Troy Milton

Marice Bailey

Rashad Watters

Tyrone McCollumn

Vibert Garraway

Steve Johnson

Brian Rose

Garrett Edgerson

Audio Quality and Creative Presentation:

David Thompson – Male voice over, suggested the Blue Yeti

John Pickens – Gave us applications to record Skype calls and suggestions for audio editing

Erika Jones Purvis – Female Voice-over

Jarrett Carter Sr. of HBCU Digest – Listening to his show was the final influence that got us started

BlogTalkRadio University and BTR Support

Sponsors and Patrons:

Howard Payne (Patron)

Liquid Effex Photography

Big Deal Fundraising

Universal Credit Sources

Bandhead.Org and HBCUBands.com

Marching 8 to 5


Block Band Music

Irene Vizcarra and Medicina

531573_10151500620998896_565006995_nThe Marching Podcast Network would like to introduce a new show and welcome a new person to our family, Medicina with Irene Vizcarra. Irene is my wife’s best friend, and I have gotten to know her over the last few years as a humanitarian and a positive force involved in making our world a better place. Irene volunteers within her community and internationally. We want to tell her story in order to help people empower themselves to help others. In accordance with the other shows on this network, we believe that the spiritual component will help young people get through high school and college and help young entrepreneurs to live courageously, authentically and with a purpose.

Medicina, which is Spanish for medicine, is that which heals nurtures and renews. The show explores the ways in which we can be healed nurtured and renewed by LOVE through self-development, self-love and service. The show is for anyone and everyone looking to live fuller, joyful lives of purpose. Love is the medicine that we need to get through the obstacles that may present themselves in our daily lives. Irene believes that love is not only the key element of medicina, but also the key element in true peace and happiness. Irene is also starting a blog on our domain called “Love is Medicine” (loveismedicine.com). LoveisMedicine.com will provide information about her experiences, the radio show, and any other ideas/moments/music/links worth sharing. Loveismedicine.com will be coming out soon.

Medicina with Irene Vizcarra will broadcast on the first Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. (PDT). The radio show will be coming to our listeners in two different formats: One format will include recorded shows where Irene expresses herself and shares her knowledge. The other format will be a live show which will give listeners a chance to call in, ask questions and talk with Irene LIVE. Let’s welcome Irene Vizcarra to the family and welcome her new show Medicina which will premier on April 4, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. (PDT). Click the link below: