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2019 Choppin It Up with Rodney Chism


Welcome….today we meet Rodney Chism. Rodney is the Director of Bands at Jarvis Christian College. Rodney has a great HBCU band timeline into how he became Director of Bands. Rodney has multiple similarities with our host that will make a great podcast. In this episode, if you love HBCUs and you marched anywhere we have a real talk with Rodney Chism

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What Up from Bridgette – 8:30

Where is Rodney From – 21:01

First HBCU/Music Experience – 22:26

First Instrument  (Movies) – 25:07

Memorable High School Experience – 31:00

College Decision/Transfer – 34:19

JSU vs TSU ’97 – 48:15

Chat Room Question (Avoiding Student Transfers) – 52:40

Memorable TSU Experience – 56:40

Time to Be a BandHead (Surprise on Saturday) – 1:01:42

UAPB Life – 1:06:32

After Undergrad – 1:16:30

Boom Experience – 1:22:50

After Jackson – 1:40:30

Come to Jarvis – 1:43:54

Closing – 2:05:40

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Choppin It Up with Michael Cowans


Introducing Michael Cowans. Michael is the Director of Bands at Fairley High School. Michael also serves as the head to the Fine Arts Department, an arranger and an adjudicator. Michael during his time in college was in a famous battle against our host and has an interesting story on the school he earned his degree. Tonight we find out where Michael is from and he tells us a great story of how he got into and finished college.

Listen to the episode here: http://bit.ly/1f9a6us