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More Good News!!

We are proud to announce new additions and new people to The Marching Podcast Network! First, we would like to thank the listeners and all the people who follow the blog. We are diligently working to produce more content for you to listen to, so we want to make you aware of what’s to come.

We are proud to introduce Chris Jones and Darian Hampton to our staff as well as two new shows featuring Chris and Darian, respectively.  Both shows are about promoting health and nutrition so that young people may make better decisions in taking care of themselves: helping them not get into bad habits, starting to establish healthy practices early on to avoid the “Freshman 15”, and remaining in good shape while becoming aware of what happens to their body as they get older.

Chris Jones is a certified personal trainer and CEO of March Aerobics. Chris has been a leader in group settings as a former drum major for two college bands, an aerobics instructor and a clinician for high school and college marching bands. March Aerobics is an intense cardio class based on marching band moves. Chris is also a Guinness Book of World Record holder for the longest workout period of 26 hours. Chris will bring the education and motivation that we need for health and fitness and be able to relate it directly to marching bands. When we are in good physical shape, all the activities we have in our lives benefit; and Chris will be our guide to healthy practices to build our community.

Darian Hampton is a DDS with his own practice in Dallas, TX. Darian is from St. Louis, MO and went to high school with me (Joe Beard). Darian attended the famous Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN, which is also where my Godfather went to medical school. Darian is inspired to educate the world on the importance of dental health because there is not enough education out there about better dental practices. Taking care of our mouths is very important in communication with each other; and for the common musician, directly proportional to their performance on their instrument (other than percussion, of course). Being in good dental health is the same as being in good physical health which builds confidence in our young people. We are honored to have Chris and Darian aboard to promote health on The Marching Podcast Network!

Chris Jones will be the resident expert on “The 8 to 5 Show”, and we are still working on the name for Darian’s show. We thank Darian and Chris for their contributions and hope that their brands continue to grow.