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The Development of the Blunote Show

The Blunote Show is our show for helping high school students get into college. We have decided that the structure of the Blunote show will be college preparatory and maintenance! We are still working with the structure but putting out information about taking the SAT/ACT, knowing requirements for athletic scholarships and where to go for scholarships will go hand in hand with these blunote musicians getting into higher education. In addition some shows will be geared for the college student, getting to class on time, setting up your schedule, time management, etc.

I have changed the original format of what I wanted in the beginning to be parallel with a website for kids to upload audio files and the director can select from the students. After consultation this will not work as well because lots of kids already have in their mind where they want to go to college. The rest of them are willing to go to college but may not be prepared on certain levels from playing to academics. I would like to prepare these kids for college and on some of the shows we have directors as guests  to tell what they are looking for and any advice they would have for a kid to come to their school. I believe that the first Blunote Show will be the last Sunday in the month of July. The title to be coming soon.