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Choppin It Up with Chris Jones 2.0

Today we talk with Chris Jones. Chris is the owner and founder of March Aerobics. Chris has also worked as a panelist on The 90 Degree Show and created an episode called The 8 to 5 Show with Chris Jones. Chris also marched with our host in two HBCU programs. In this podcast we find out where Chris is from, where he went to school and his timeline to creating March Aerobics.

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The 90 Degree Show 2015 Week 7


Welcome to the 2015 90 Degree Show Week 7! This week we talk about Jackson State vs. Alabama A&M, the fifth with Tuskeegee vs. Stillman. Southern’s Homecoming with Prairie View A&M, and the fifth between North Carolina A&T Bethune Cookman. The directors Carlton Wright and Mario Warren from Alabama A&M call in while they listen to the show, Otis Jefferson went to Savannah State’s homecoming and tells us how the band is doing after this past week, Chris Jones calls in to talk about he saw with the Boom from this week and John Lennard the Director at Tuskeegee calls in and explains to us about the home side of the field and why it looks so different. Lastly we talk about an salaries for band directors in the state of Texas.

Listen to the episode here: http://bit.ly/1LJGXEX

The 90 Degree Show 2015 Week 6


Welcome to the 2015 90 Degree Show Week 6! This weekend was full of great competition and we will get into Southern and Alabama State, Miles went to Central State’s homecoming, North Carolina AT vs. Norfolk and some other great matchups from the weekend. We also ask if the internet is killing band. This year we welcome the great Christy Walker to the podcast, along with the owner and founder of Block Band Music and Publishing, Rashad Watters.


Listen to the episode here: http://bit.ly/1McOy9g 

100 Broadcasts and Running!

304417_333112973452902_1444244306_nWe are proud to announce another milestone here at The Marching Podcast Network. On Tuesday, November 26, 2013, we will be broadcasting our 100th episode on The Marching Podcast Network: Chop It Up with Joshua Cousin. We are blessed and honored to reach this milestone and would not have done it without the listeners and our entire staff. We also want to give thanks to all the people that have broadcast shows on our network and all the people that helped with each broadcast directly and indirectly.

We want The Marching Podcast to be a series of positive podcasts that help inspire young people to do great things and make a balanced decision concerning the college they choose to attend. It it also for the adults to have a platform to reach these young people and be a positive benchmark for the rest of the world. Our passion is to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). We strive to provide scholarships to help increase the number of scholarships available and create excitement for HBCU’s. Similar to The Cosby Show and A Different World, we want The Marching Podcast to be that beacon of light and prosperity.

Each podcast has helped with the growth of the network and has also helped bring more listeners to a variety of our network’s other shows. At this time, I want to attempt to say “thanks” to everyone. Thank you to all the shows that have broadcast on The Marching Podcast Network, the people that have helped with audio quality and creative presentation, and last but not least our sponsors and patrons that allow us to broadcast during peak hours (please see the list below for more details). Special thanks to Collin Welbon our Director of Editing, who just recently boosted his career by taking a new job editing for a software company where he lives in San Francisco but will still be able to edit our posts. Another special thanks to all the experts that call in and help me host the 90 Degree Show.

Podcasts Shows:

Talking HBCU News with The Reeds

That’s What I’m Talking About with David Thompson and Howard Payne

Medicina with Irene Vizcarra

The Wright Way with Bert Wright

Eight to Five with Chris Jones

Brass WoodSheddin’ with Avery McFadden

Percussion WoodSheddin’ with Kerian Cox


Troy Milton

Marice Bailey

Rashad Watters

Tyrone McCollumn

Vibert Garraway

Steve Johnson

Brian Rose

Garrett Edgerson

Audio Quality and Creative Presentation:

David Thompson – Male voice over, suggested the Blue Yeti

John Pickens – Gave us applications to record Skype calls and suggestions for audio editing

Erika Jones Purvis – Female Voice-over

Jarrett Carter Sr. of HBCU Digest – Listening to his show was the final influence that got us started

BlogTalkRadio University and BTR Support

Sponsors and Patrons:

Howard Payne (Patron)

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The New 90 Degree Show!

We had a great time recapping the Boombox Classic, but we could have gotten more insight from more people. With more exposure and more popularity, any topic will get a certain number of callers, but right now and moving forward, we want to fill the thirty minutes we have with as many battle experiences as possible. If someone has a great experience they like to share but was not at a game that we focus on, they more than likely will not call in to the show. This weekend made me think of this when the BCU vs. NC A&T was played under hurricane conditions so not a lot of footage was available. The most coverage of any game I was exposed to was the SU vs. Alcorn State game, and our co-host Chris Jones attended a battle of the bands in South Carolina that he wanted to share with everyone.

After these events and more discussion, we have decided to let the 90 Degree Show be a listener’s chance to call in and share their experience at whatever game they may have attended the previous day. We will still ask our standard questions to add content and conversation to the call. We will try to implement this format for today’s show, and from this Sunday forward throughout the season, we will try to recap as many battles as we can each week. In the off-season, we will tackle topics of discussion like we started to do this spring. Here are our standard battle questions:

Best Sound
Better Marching
Best Drum Majors
Best Section
Better Halftime Show
Better Stand Performance
What was crankin’?
What was stankin’?
What were they thinking?
Your two cents

Fall Format Starting In September

Greetings bandheads! We really appreciate the feedback  and feel great about our future. In a previous post, we talked about Tuesdays and Thursdays being a part of the network. We will start a portion of our new programming in September with Chris Jones and “The 8 to 5 Show”. “The Blunote Show” and “The Dentist Show” with Darian Hampton are in the works, but they also will premier sometime in September with a proper introduction of each host. Then on Thursdays, we will be broadcasting another episode of “Woodsheddin’ with McFadden”. In addition, we will be talking with Collin Welbon who is the content editor for The Marching Podcast.

The majority of our Tuesday development series’ shows will be pre-recorded, so that we are able to provide you, the listeners, with more information within our 30 minute time frame. Before we broadcast a live episode, we will alert you so you can be prepared to listen live as well as call and talk with our experts.
We are most excited about the fall format for “The 90 Degree Show”. The fall format will be a recap of a battle between two college’s bands from that weekend. We are looking for any feedback on games to cover this fall. Currently, we are looking to follow Gerald Howard, the creator and owner of BandHead.org, who covers the biggest marching band matchups of each week. We will post what matchups will be selected before the season starts this fall. We are certain we will be at the JSU Southern game, but we want to find four games to highlight this season. If anyone has any ideas, please leave comments on this post, email us or tweet at us @marchingpodcast.

More Good News!!

We are proud to announce new additions and new people to The Marching Podcast Network! First, we would like to thank the listeners and all the people who follow the blog. We are diligently working to produce more content for you to listen to, so we want to make you aware of what’s to come.

We are proud to introduce Chris Jones and Darian Hampton to our staff as well as two new shows featuring Chris and Darian, respectively.  Both shows are about promoting health and nutrition so that young people may make better decisions in taking care of themselves: helping them not get into bad habits, starting to establish healthy practices early on to avoid the “Freshman 15”, and remaining in good shape while becoming aware of what happens to their body as they get older.

Chris Jones is a certified personal trainer and CEO of March Aerobics. Chris has been a leader in group settings as a former drum major for two college bands, an aerobics instructor and a clinician for high school and college marching bands. March Aerobics is an intense cardio class based on marching band moves. Chris is also a Guinness Book of World Record holder for the longest workout period of 26 hours. Chris will bring the education and motivation that we need for health and fitness and be able to relate it directly to marching bands. When we are in good physical shape, all the activities we have in our lives benefit; and Chris will be our guide to healthy practices to build our community.

Darian Hampton is a DDS with his own practice in Dallas, TX. Darian is from St. Louis, MO and went to high school with me (Joe Beard). Darian attended the famous Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN, which is also where my Godfather went to medical school. Darian is inspired to educate the world on the importance of dental health because there is not enough education out there about better dental practices. Taking care of our mouths is very important in communication with each other; and for the common musician, directly proportional to their performance on their instrument (other than percussion, of course). Being in good dental health is the same as being in good physical health which builds confidence in our young people. We are honored to have Chris and Darian aboard to promote health on The Marching Podcast Network!

Chris Jones will be the resident expert on “The 8 to 5 Show”, and we are still working on the name for Darian’s show. We thank Darian and Chris for their contributions and hope that their brands continue to grow.

Nuts and Bolts

Here is my current update and where I am. I am getting more information for interviews than I am getting for covering an actual games. I am still not 100% sure about how I will present things but I have put together the syllabus for the show. I have 6 parts of the show and I have a time frame of 40-50 minutes. Using twitter I am able to see the games for the upcoming weekend but I have to figure out how to present the game to the listener. In addition I would like to design a formula that gives more of a substantial result as what band beat the other. Chris Jones and I talked about this years ago when trying to put together a battle of the bands, we wanted to determine a winner by a panel of judges based on variables that we come up with. In addition ESPN has created this new QBR rating to give a better formula than QB rating, so I thought the same here.
The parts of the show are as follows:

1. Intro
2. news\game recaps
3. Interview\Education
4. Game Previews
5. emails
6. Conclusion

The intro and conclusion will be a total of 5min but the other segments I would like to fill 10-12 min each. I would like the podcast to last between 35-50 min. News and Game recaps will be information from any hbcu that is worth mentioning, then we go into the recap of the weekend’s games. This will be based on reports submitted from a correspondent at the individual game. We will discuss the formula used to analyst the two bands and what opinion was given as to who won the battle.

The interview and education will be an interview to someone who is doing something in the community. I will come up with questions to conduct the interview and will allow the name to spread about what the person is doing and how we can help. Very important to have good guests for the current students college or high school but to make more parents aware of what is going on.

My 2 most recent selections for interviews only have little to do with bands but more to do with people who are providing a service to our community. First is Maleta Wilson who went to Bethune Cookman and runs a black college tour so that California black children will have black educational experiences since no black school resides in Cali. This is a great service and giving her an interview to spread this is essential. The next are two of my frat brothers that have put together their own fishing show! I think that this is a great service to spread fishing knowledge but another way to spread interest in our community. Hanief Saterfield and Anthony Taylor have a show that was recently on Fox cable.

Game previews will be listing all the upcoming games on Thursday and Saturday and make a prediction of who will win.

Emails will be what people are writing into the show about, suggestions, debate of the formula, etc.

Conclusion will be me signing off. Giving an inspiration quote for the day and last-minute reminders, and shot outs. I will asking for more feedback about this setup and/or about anything else to get this show on the road. Please follow this blog or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.