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Now Available on ITunes


I am proud to announce that The Marching Podcast is now a part of the iTunes Podcast Store. People can go there in addition to Blog Talk Radio and/or the website to listen to the network podcasts. Just do a search for The Marching Podcast and/or any of our shows (90 Degree Show, Choppin It Up, Woodsheddin, etc.), and you will see us under the podcast episodes. Also, if you look in the podcasts that show up and click on the ‘see all’ link, you should see the logo that is on the top of this post on the following page. Click on it and click subscribe to follow The Marching Podcast through iTunes.

This also is exciting because the audio quality on iTunes is a little better than it is on BTR. This post is a celebration but also a thank you note to all the listeners, staff and fans of the show. Without your support and work, we would not be in the iTunes store.

The Marching Podcast Network  https://itun.es/i6xp7Jf #iTunes

Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Happy One Year Anniversary


May 19, 2012 was my first broadcast on BlogTalkRadio. The title was “Hello World,” and I believe that it was a 15-minute show. I wrote out what I wanted to say to prepare for my first broadcast; I was crazy nervous, and I was not sure if I was going to go through with it. In most circumstances in my life, it is the things that I am scared to do, when forced through it, I am stronger on the other side. Turned out that the 15 minutes was not enough, and I created another episode the following day to finish what I’d prepared to say. The Marching Podcast was started as a podcast to discuss show style marching, but now it is a network highlighting the positive images in our community and the success of HBCU graduates.

The 90 Degree show is our bread and butter and will be expanding outside of football season to cover more high school battles like the Warren County drum show and the High Stepping Nationals. Medicina represents the spiritual aspect of our network, and we have a health show on the horizon that will be out soon. Woodsheddin’ will continue when our experts are ready to present material, and we will continue Choppin It Up, of course. We want to find a college preparatory show, and a finance show to complete the character pillars of the network.

As human beings, our perception is our reality. Research has shown that the color of our skin does not correspond with intelligence or athletics, but when all we see are blacks in the NBA or whites in positions of leadership, without the proper education and exposure, we start to believe that we are what we see. It’s indicative of the power of the human mind, based on what we accept in our minds, it allows us to carry out certain things based on what we believe to be true. We want to focus this energy to show more minorities in positions of leadership, circumstances in academia, and nurturing and building their communities.

I hope to build a bridge with the Latino community and expose more of them to black colleges, in turn increasing college degrees in the Latino community. I want to inform kids in these tough neighborhoods that it is easier to be a doctor than to be the point guard for the Lakers. The poker tournaments on television always show the viewers what each player has in their hands, and based on the cards on the table, there is a percentage for each player showing the probability of them winning the hand. Today in our world, there are too many minority children playing with a 5% hand because that is all that they see. We want to change that.

I want to send a special thanks to all of the people on our staff at TMP. We appreciate your help, especially out of the goodness of your heart because I cannot provide any monetary compensation. I aspire to give people a standard of life one day, but for now, I want to let you all know how grateful I am for your work and service in the past year. For the month of May, I will ‘chop it up’ with 3 of my classmates from Jackson State that are doing major things, and I will have a special 90 Degree Show on the anniversary day, recapping the past year and getting ready for the upcoming marching season.

Many thanks over the past year to all the people that have listened to the show.

A New Time with Old Aspirations

Thanks to our sponsors that support the show, we have upgraded The Marching Podcast Network to a new membership with Blog Talk Radio. Along with the new membership comes new functionality which allows us to provide a better show to all our listeners. The best part of this membership is the option to broadcast during peak hours of home entertainment. According to the research conducted by Blog Talk Radio, the highest volume of people are at home and in front of a computer during the hours of 7 PM and 11 PM (EST). Currently, we broadcast at 6 PM on Sundays and 11:30 PM (EST) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but our current format creates a conflict on Sundays with the second set of football games and at 11:30 PM most working people are in the bed asleep. So, after some thought, we decided on the new time slot for The Marching Podcast Network. All of our shows will broadcast live at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays starting in March 2013.


I am very excited to announce that The Marching Podcast will be upgrading its service with Blog Talk Radio. This change will allow us to be able to broadcast 45 min, 60 min, 90 min and 120 min shows. This gives us a lot more flexibility and the opportunity to spend more time (beyond the current 30 min time window) depending on the topic of the show. We are also happy to announce that the times for the show will be changing to prime time hours. Prime time hours is the block of time when most people in the country are at home on their computers doing work, surfing the internet, listening to podcasts, etc. Prime time hours on Blog Talk Radio are from 7 PM (EST) to 11 PM (EST). The Marching Podcast will start to broadcast its shows during this peak time with hopes of getting more listeners, especially during the work week. Blog Talk Radio will also market the show 5,000 times per month on their website to help grow listeners. The time slot for the shows will be TBA.

This service is a paid service to enable all of the functionality stated above. To pay for this effort, we are proud to introduce our new team of sponsors that will be helping to improve the show and also get their businesses out to more people. A win-win situation as they say. The sponsors will help pay for the monthly service and in return we will promote their businesses through commercials on our show, as well as through Facebook and Twitter. In addition, we will create merchandise for each company through our apparel store: Marching Podcast Nalia.

At this time, we do not want to open the flood gates for all sponsors, but we want to plug the businesses that we believe in here at The Marching Podcast, and businesses that we want to see grow and stand for the same principles and benefits that have surrounded The Marching Podcast since its inception. We would like to introduce our first team of sponsors for The Marching Podcast. Please check out their information below, and we thank them very much for their support. Combining our forces is not only a blessing but a blueprint for our young people to follow.

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