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Updates to the website

We feel really good about the direction the website is going as we have made some upgrades and added more content for our listeners. First we changed the video of the week to video of the week by conference, in order to show a video from each conference each week and give more exposure to more bands. We will have a video for each athletic conference of the historically black colleges and universities: The MEAC, SWAC, CIAA, and SIAC. We hope this will bring more people to the site each week to see what band from their conference is highlighted.

We would also like to introduce HBCU Buzz to the site. We are using the Entertainment Feed from the buzz to update our listeners on entertainment news that may affect their schools. The Buzz provides the public with news relevant to HBCU campuses ranging from sports and fashion to politics and controversy from the perspective of current HBCU students and several journalists heavily involved in the black community. The Buzz is committed to promoting HBCU pride and unity in order to enhance the black college experience and uplift the perception of all black colleges.

Lastly we have added another sports radio site to our front page, the Heritage Sports Radio Network. For over 100 years Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) sports and the legends they have created have been one of the best kept secrets. Stars like Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Charles Oakley, Wilma Rudolph and Michael Strahan all trace their collegiate careers back to HBCU’s. A desire to provide national media exposure for this unique sports community and pay homage to past and present stars gave birth to Heritage Sports Radio Network (HSRN)

We have reached out to the people responsible for each site and hope to Chop it up with them in the future.

And there it is……

So I have completed my first show….I thank goodness had enough material for 15 but really had enough material for 45 minutes with the introduction and my first topic. I felt good recording and with my experience on the phone in my career and listening to podcasts and radio shows I felt like i did OK. I am still getting the sound together but next time I will be ok with that. I made a list of people I want to talk to and I have sent out most information on facebook. With just the 30 minutes the time can fly by, so I may not be able to do a show with an interview unless the questions where fast and quick.

I am sure I can do both with maybe each episode to focus on the person and other shows about hot topics on one of the sites. I am hoping that the people who post comments will want to respond through the show and maybe have them call in to maybe co host or help with the discussion. I for sure want to spread the love because it will bring more to the show and more listeners. I would like to stayed grounded and keep this with the focus of building excitement and getting a kids to consider attending a black colleges from California. If we take it more on ourselves its special and the more we build that idea, especially in our youth we will change the world.

I have already scheduled my next show for next weekend and I may change the time so I hope to get more listeners. I definitely can get the interviews going and I am sure they will be in their own episode, with the end of the show to be for callers.

Well that is it for now. I will see if I get an interview this week and next week see if I get any bites on the initial topic and see if there is a good one to talk about. I like to get the experience more and more and getting a specific judge of time during the show. I cannot find the way to practice with the sound and to introduce and close the show so the more I do the better. La Mejor 🙂

Hello world!

Hello world.. This is Joe Beard here to start documenting the love that I have for black college bands and to create a form of lively hood, promise, future, and community uplift to help change my community and to spread my love of black college bands to the world and to provide an avenue of education to our youth.

Of course no one does anything alone so that is why my partner in crime Samuel Glover will be building this empire with me. Not to mention the real brains behind any organization Steve Johnson… we will be applying teamwork that we learned when marching together for the International Institution of Sound Johnson C. Smith. After going our separate ways and with the help of all this new technology we are here to provide a service that we ourselves are dying for.

This blog is to post our ideas and to journal our road to what we are going for. We have individually done things to this point so now we are using this site to bring it all together. We would like to have a weekly podcast, that would build our capital and name and soon be an avenue for youth to earn music degrees to college and prepare them for lift. He hope to one day have a music school, a battle of the bands, mock drafts, high school seminars, anything that may excite the pulse of a bandsman so that we can not only build popularity but build community by exciting more of our youth about college and getting an education.

Keep crankin’