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The New 90 Degree Show!

We had a great time recapping the Boombox Classic, but we could have gotten more insight from more people. With more exposure and more popularity, any topic will get a certain number of callers, but right now and moving forward, we want to fill the thirty minutes we have with as many battle experiences as possible. If someone has a great experience they like to share but was not at a game that we focus on, they more than likely will not call in to the show. This weekend made me think of this when the BCU vs. NC A&T was played under hurricane conditions so not a lot of footage was available. The most coverage of any game I was exposed to was the SU vs. Alcorn State game, and our co-host Chris Jones attended a battle of the bands in South Carolina that he wanted to share with everyone.

After these events and more discussion, we have decided to let the 90 Degree Show be a listener’s chance to call in and share their experience at whatever game they may have attended the previous day. We will still ask our standard questions to add content and conversation to the call.¬†We will try to implement this format for today’s show, and from this Sunday forward throughout the season, we will try to recap as many battles as we can each week. In the off-season, we will tackle topics of discussion like we started to do this spring. Here are our standard battle questions:

Best Sound
Better Marching
Best Drum Majors
Best Section
Better Halftime Show
Better Stand Performance
What was crankin’?
What was stankin’?
What were they thinking?
Your two cents

Nuts and Bolts

Here is my current update and where I am. I am getting more information for interviews than I am getting for covering an actual games. I am still not 100% sure about how I will present things but I have put together the syllabus for the show. I have 6 parts of the show and I have a time frame of 40-50 minutes. Using twitter I am able to see the games for the upcoming weekend but I have to figure out how to present the game to the listener. In addition I would like to design a formula that gives more of a substantial result as what band beat the other. Chris Jones and I talked about this years ago when trying to put together a battle of the bands, we wanted to determine a winner by a panel of judges based on variables that we come up with. In addition ESPN has created this new QBR rating to give a better formula than QB rating, so I thought the same here.
The parts of the show are as follows:

1. Intro
2. news\game recaps
3. Interview\Education
4. Game Previews
5. emails
6. Conclusion

The intro and conclusion will be a total of 5min but the other segments I would like to fill 10-12 min each. I would like the podcast to last between 35-50 min. News and Game recaps will be information from any hbcu that is worth mentioning, then we go into the recap of the weekend’s games. This will be based on reports submitted from a correspondent at the individual game. We will discuss the formula used to analyst the two bands and what opinion was given as to who won the battle.

The interview and education will be an interview to someone who is doing something in the community. I will come up with questions to conduct the interview and will allow the name to spread about what the person is doing and how we can help. Very important to have good guests for the current students college or high school but to make more parents aware of what is going on.

My 2 most recent selections for interviews only have little to do with bands but more to do with people who are providing a service to our community. First is Maleta Wilson who went to Bethune Cookman and runs a black college tour so that California black children will have black educational experiences since no black school resides in Cali. This is a great service and giving her an interview to spread this is essential. The next are two of my frat brothers that have put together their own fishing show! I think that this is a great service to spread fishing knowledge but another way to spread interest in our community. Hanief Saterfield and Anthony Taylor have a show that was recently on Fox cable.

Game previews will be listing all the upcoming games on Thursday and Saturday and make a prediction of who will win.

Emails will be what people are writing into the show about, suggestions, debate of the formula, etc.

Conclusion will be me signing off. Giving an inspiration quote for the day and last-minute reminders, and shot outs. I will asking for more feedback about this setup and/or about anything else to get this show on the road. Please follow this blog or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.