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2019 National Signing Day Marching Bands & Seven Years To The Good!


May is a great month for The Marching Podcast. It is graduation month at Colleges and Universities, its my mother’s birthday (May 21. Happy Birthday Mom! 🙂 and we celebrate our anniversary broadcasting our podcast to the world from May 19, 2012.

Check Out Our Very First Podcast Hello World!http://bit.ly/1Q8rZH2

This year seven years in and definitely some upgrades, we are proud to say we have given over 1000$ in scholarships and building awareness and the enrollment to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We also believe this is the best month to continue our National Signing Day for Marching Bands Series. It’s a celebration when our young people get a key to enable their independence and we want to let this month be a huge party for us, our graduates, scholarship recipients, and future leaders of our world!

May 20-24 we will celebrate our anniversary and National Signing Day for Marching Bands. We kick off the week by talking to two of our scholarship recipients from our first show in 2015.

Monday May 20, 2019 – Manuel Powell at 9:30 pm EST

Wednesday May 22, 2019 – Alexis Terry at 9:30 pm EST

Check out Manuel and Alexis on our first National Signing Day For Marching Bands Podcast from 2015! – http://bit.ly/1J0718v


To kick off the 2019 class on Thursday at May 23 6:30 pm EST we will talk to a new group for 2019 from Butler College Prep in Chicago, IL. Band Director Charles Conner was a guest on our show and has a great group of scholars to announce on our network were they will be going to school in the fall.

Check out Choppin’ It Up with Charles Connerhttp://bit.ly/2Mn3RVP

Finally on Friday May 24 at 6:30 pm EST we will introduce another crop of scholars from Columbia High School in Decatur, GA. Band Director Zac Nealy will be an upcoming guest on Choppin’ It Up and is excited to give his students this experience to promote to the world were they will march this fall.

Make sure to join this wonderful series of celebrating our young scholars as they progress through higher learning and Happy Seventh Birthday to all of the supporters of The Marching Podcast!!!