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The 2019 90 Degree Show ‘No They Didn’t’ Part I

Welcome to the 2019 Degree Show! In this episode we talk about a critical halftime performance with Jackson State and Arkansas Pine Bluff from yesterday and a joint performance with Kentucky State and Miles. We catch up with news from the week, including a new position awarded to one of our panelist.

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Intros and Shot Outs (3:30)

Match Ups (19:09)

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2019 National Signing Day Marching Bands & Seven Years To The Good!


May is a great month for The Marching Podcast. It is graduation month at Colleges and Universities, its my mother’s birthday (May 21. Happy Birthday Mom! ūüôā and we celebrate our anniversary broadcasting our podcast to the world from May 19, 2012.

Check Out Our Very First Podcast Hello World!

This year seven years in and definitely some upgrades, we are proud to say we have given over 1000$ in scholarships and building awareness and the enrollment to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We also believe this is the best month to continue our National Signing Day for Marching Bands Series. It’s a celebration when our young people get a key to enable their independence and we want to let this month be a huge party for us, our graduates, scholarship recipients, and future leaders of our world!

May 20-24 we will celebrate our anniversary and National Signing Day for Marching Bands. We kick off the week by talking to two of our scholarship recipients from our first show in 2015.

Monday May 20, 2019 – Manuel Powell at 9:30 pm EST

Wednesday May 22, 2019 – Alexis Terry at 9:30 pm EST

Check out Manuel and Alexis on our first National Signing Day For Marching Bands Podcast from 2015! –¬†


To kick off the 2019 class on Thursday at May 23 6:30 pm EST we will talk to a new group for 2019 from Butler College Prep in Chicago, IL. Band Director Charles Conner was a guest on our show and has a great group of scholars to announce on our network were they will be going to school in the fall.

Check out Choppin’ It Up with Charles Conner

Finally on Friday May 24 at 6:30 pm EST we will introduce another crop of scholars from Columbia High School in Decatur, GA. Band Director Zac Nealy will be an upcoming guest on Choppin’ It Up and is excited to give his students this experience to promote to the world were they will march this fall.

Make sure to join this wonderful series of celebrating our young scholars as they progress through higher learning and Happy Seventh Birthday to all of the supporters of The Marching Podcast!!!

The 2018-19 90 Degree Show Vol. 9 ‘Sell Some Tickets’

Tonight we welcome back Ernest Stackhouse to fill in for Bridgette. In this episode we talk about a MEAC Powerhouse with The Spartan Legion of Norfolk State University and The Blue and Gold Marching Machine of North Carolina A&T State University. We keep one foot in the MEAC and then go to the SIAC to discuss Savannah State and Fort Valley State at a BOTB from this past weekend.

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LINKS: BandTubeHD, ShowTime Web, BGMM Media, Norfolk State University Spartan Legion

Norfolk State –

Savannah State –

Fort Valley State –



Fort Valley State – 8:40

Sell Some Tickets – 18:23

DTP Ratio – 19:11, 26:26, 55:19

Savannah State – 21:46

Phrasing – 32:20

Rest of the Year? – 40:30

Spartan Legion vs. BG_MM BOTB – 46:00, 1:00:02

Block Us Up Preview! – 51:45

Shoot Dance is Back! – 55:26

Potential Origin of the Tuba Break (Mr. Adams) – 57:57

Norfolk Style, SWAC Volumes and Ballads – 1:08:15

Spartan Legion vs. BG_MM Fifth – 1:12:27

Spartan Legion Halftime – 1:15:16, 1:21:00

MEAC vs SWAC Step Twos – 1:16:00

NCAT Halftime – 1:26:00

Promo Drop:

Diamond Frazier – 44:26 –

Andy Moreira – 44:46 –


Bridgette Bell – 11:12

Mr. TJ85 – 14:20

ChatRoom – 26:30, 1:29:00

Christy Walker – 41:34

Prof Willie Snipes – 55:44

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We are now LIVE!! Programming for 2018-19

Hello Everyone…It has been a great summer and we are happy to welcome you back to the fall for another great season of programming with The Marching Podcast Network. We are happy to announce that starting new this year we are going to broadcast all of our shows live to YouTube. In addition we will keep a day and time consistent for our viewers to expect us to be on the air throughout the calendar year.


The 90 Degree Show will broadcast live starting on Mondays September 3rd at 930pm EST…. The 2018-19 90 Degree Show Vol.1 with Bridgette Bell and Rashad Waters. We are also excited to announce the return of The PrunAlysis Podcast with Rashad in conjunction with The 90 Degree Show this Fall. These broadcasts will continue throughout the college football season. We will miss the Great Christy Walker as a regular on the show. She is going to concentrate on her education but has wished us the best of luck and will be welcome to be a guest or a part of the show if she desires.


At the conclusion of the College Band Season (Last Major Battle of the Bands at the end of the season) we will start the most listened to podcast on the network, the interview series Choppin’ It Up at 6:30pm EST on Sundays in the Spring.


In the Spring before graduation we will have our National Signing Day for Marching Band Podcast on Mondays at 9:30pm. Each year we will pick two high school seniors, one boy and one girl to tell us what school they will attend that fall. We will continue to support the students as they attend college so they are able to be successful and earn their degree.


Lastly we will continue our relationship with Dr. Kevin Davenport and our Directors Series Podcast. Dr. Davenport has recently accepted the position of Head Band Director at Simmons College in Louisville, KY but still is part of our family and we will continue to work with him. We plan to broadcast this podcast on Sundays in July at 6:30pm EST

We are excited about the new launch to stream our content live and we hope that you will continue to support the network. Make sure to hit the Subscribe button on our YouTube Channel to connect to our broadcasts!

The 90 Degree Show and NBC Sports

TMP_NBCThe Marching Podcast was presented an opportunity to broadcast The 90 Degree Show on a major network. This would allow The Marching Podcast to reach more students for scholarships and build the popularity of marching bands and music education to more people. This will give young people hope about their future and give them access to work in the music field and/or give them the opportunity to get into college and decide what best fits them. This will make the world and our country better because we are empowering more youth to develop ingenuity and support about the path they want to take to become a productive citizen.

Please give your support by viewing our KickStarter Project  or simply give a donation to our PayPal

2017 National Signing Day Podcast for Marching Bands II


Introducing Emonnie Jones. Emonnie is a senior at Ramona High School in Riverside, CA.  Emonnie is not in the band but her situation is one of the reasons The Marching Podcast was created, and we selected her this year to help rise awareness. Emonnie announces were she will attend college in the fall, she talks about celebrities and public figures and what their role should be. Finally we wrap up the podcast by coming across a possible solution. We wrap up the podcast with some words of encouragement from Dr. Maleta Wilson of HBCU Campus Tours and Jalani Bakari, the UC Riverside undergrad advisor for the Pi Rho Chapter of Omega Psi Phi. Check out our website you can email the show at, tweet us @marchingpodcast, and follow our blog at

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Happy 4th Birthday Marching Podcast & BlogTalkRadio


On May 19, 2012, The Marching Podcast broadcast its first show entitled “Hello World“. The episode included our host introducing himself and informing the audience where he’s from and about the ideology of the The Marching Podcast network. Since its inception, The Marching Podcast network has been the perfect format to share the experience of participating in college marching band and communicate to the world about college marching bands, while conducting interviews with great people, starting a dialog with young directors to improve their craft and providing college scholarships to students that will march in the band as part of their college experience. We would like to thank BlogTalkRadio for their service, and we are grateful for the platform to touch people all over the world.

The Marching Podcast was started to generate positive media and discussions, educate the public on historically black colleges and provide students opportunities for success in higher learning through scholarships, as well as physical and emotional support to seed the character of our young people to become productive citizens in our society.

We would also like to thank our sponsors that believe in what we are doing and have contributed financially to broadcast our show during peak hours and to help build our scholarship fund. Our sponsors are BlockBand Music and Publishing, Da Edge 1 Productions, and Double Time Entertainment.

In the future, we hope to expand our network to more businesses, but at the moment, we are more concerned with the quality of our relationships rather than quantity of sponsors. We want to remain a family and nurture those relationships to better our business community and promote the efficiency of both our network and our sponsors. We believe our sponsors will be lifted to a greater degree, and together we will climb the figurative ladder that ascends our world.

We have an official trademark, an apparel store, solid programming and now for the future… The Marching Podcast is beginning our new fundraising campaign to generate more funds for more scholarships, increase our outreach to more people, and build connections with entities like college fairs and relative businesses. Finally, we want to build revenue to sponsor a battle of the bands and more events that promote our craft.

We are also looking forward to building stronger interaction on Twitter by getting more HBCU Marching Bands to start their own Twitter handle so we can communicate directly with the band staff. This will build¬†the band program’s recognition and help create¬†positive interactions and impressions for the school. So, get out there and start tweeting. Our Twitter handle is @marchingpodcast.

We are excited about the future, and we thank you for all that you have done to put this network in great standing and finally in a position to change the image of our communities and make the world a better place.

2015 in review

The prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 20 trips to carry that many people.

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