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Marching Podcast Nalia Update

In December 2012, we were proud to introduce the Grand Opening of The Marching Podcast Nalia Store. We partnered with to create products with The Marching Podcast logo. With the money we earn from the store, we originally wanted to create college scholarships, but now with the development of the scholarship fund with Sharon Reed and HBCU, the money we make will be to support all business for The Marching Podcast, including scholarships and helping to improve the show and our store. We have upgraded our store with a new plan and a new URL:!

Following the theme in investing in our youth and building economics in our community, we have invested into DaEdge1 productions and Block Band Music to create apparel stores for their companies, respectively. We hope this will help spread the word about their businesses, and we want to make a statement that we are supporting our own economic destiny. We now have new functionality with ads and marketing widgets that we can use on our website, social media alerts, and each store will publish newsletters with special deals and discounts to be mailed to the masses. With new merchandise from baby clothes to computer accessories, we are proud to announce the giveaway segment for #The90DegreeShow for the Fall of 2014. The gifts we give away will be items from each apparel store, but we are also opening the door to encourage our sponsors to donate their products to promote over the airwaves. The prizes will be awarded to the people who are listening live with more details to be announced later.

In conclusion, we would like to open the door for employment with The Marching Podcast by opening two positions with the network: Director of Merchandising & Apparel Designer. Send your resume to The Marching Podcast email address to inquire about the positions.


Officially Trademarked

White_on_black_background_256We are proud to announce that the THE MARCHING PODCAST trademark is currently live and appears to be in good standing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The current status is PUBLICATION/ISSUE REVIEW COMPLETE. A detailed history of THE MARCHING PODCAST trademark can be found on Trademarkia at the link below.

This process took awhile to complete. We submitted the paperwork back in December of 2012 and in May of 2013 we got the approval. The timing is perfect because we are celebrating our one-year anniversary this month, and we are broadcasting some great interviews and our special anniversary show on May 19.

We are now free to put our logo on all types of merchandise and are ready to start pushing the sales of our apparel store ‘Marching Podcast Nalia’ to help build the network and our scholarship fund. Here is the link to our merchandise store:

Marching Podcast Nalia

We are excited to introduce the Grand Opening of Marching Podcast Nalia. We have partnered with to create products with The Marching Podcast printed on them. With the money we earn, we are creating college scholarships. The scholarships will be for students that select a historically black college to attend and participate in the music program/ensemble in the music program. The store has things for men, women, children and babies. We have clothing, accessories, school supplies, coffee mugs, bags, blankets, and much more. We will  add more products every day, so if you don’t see what you want, check back later. We are also in the works of trademarking The Marching Podcast and our logo so we can put the logo on these products.

Please check out our store at:

You can also go to the store from our website: there is a Marching Podcast Nalia tab to click on and view the store.