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We are now LIVE!! Programming for 2018-19

Hello Everyone…It has been a great summer and we are happy to welcome you back to the fall for another great season of programming with The Marching Podcast Network. We are happy to announce that starting new this year we are going to broadcast all of our shows live to YouTube. In addition we will keep a day and time consistent for our viewers to expect us to be on the air throughout the calendar year.


The 90 Degree Show will broadcast live starting on Mondays September 3rd at 930pm EST…. The 2018-19 90 Degree Show Vol.1 with Bridgette Bell and Rashad Waters. We are also excited to announce the return of The PrunAlysis Podcast with Rashad in conjunction with The 90 Degree Show this Fall. These broadcasts will continue throughout the college football season. We will miss the Great Christy Walker as a regular on the show. She is going to concentrate on her education but has wished us the best of luck and will be welcome to be a guest or a part of the show if she desires.


At the conclusion of the College Band Season (Last Major Battle of the Bands at the end of the season) we will start the most listened to podcast on the network, the interview series Choppin’ It Up at 6:30pm EST on Sundays in the Spring.


In the Spring before graduation we will have our National Signing Day for Marching Band Podcast on Mondays at 9:30pm. Each year we will pick two high school seniors, one boy and one girl to tell us what school they will attend that fall. We will continue to support the students as they attend college so they are able to be successful and earn their degree.


Lastly we will continue our relationship with Dr. Kevin Davenport and our Directors Series Podcast. Dr. Davenport has recently accepted the position of Head Band Director at Simmons College in Louisville, KY but still is part of our family and we will continue to work with him. We plan to broadcast this podcast on Sundays in July at 6:30pm EST

We are excited about the new launch to stream our content live and we hope that you will continue to support the network. Make sure to hit the Subscribe button on our YouTube Channel to connect to our broadcasts!

The 2015 Directors Series Podcast


We are happy to introduce the 2015 edition of the Director Series Podcast brought to you by The Marching Podcast and BlogTalkRadio. Last year, we had great feedback for the premiere of the 2014 series. Now, we hope to expand on the knowledge we gained last year. Leading our discussion this year will be our expert from last year, Dr. Kevin O. Davenport Ed.S. & Ed.D.

Dr. Kevin O. Davenport Ed.S. & Ed.D has spent 22 years in music education. He has taught all levels of band from elementary school to college, including 10 years as Director of Bands at IC Norcom High School in Portsmouth, VA – his Alma mater.  While there, he built the marching band program from thirty-two members to two hundred in a school that had only six hundred students.
He has also served as Associate Director of Bands at Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN where he was professor of Music Education for undergraduate and graduate courses. Dr. Davenport also has a website that you can view here.
The series is based on the book Practical Techniques For Building The High School Marching Band. Make sure to email Block Band Music and Publishing to get an autographed copy from Dr. Davenport.
The 2015 edition Director Series podcast will premiere on August 22, 2015. Check out the series below and set your reminder for the 2015 shows.



Yearly Proactive Plan for Band Directors by Dr. Kevin O. Davenport

IMG_0119 (1)

This is a template for band directors to use to help them design their own Yearly Proactive Plan for their program. This allows the director to be on top of things and to think of things before they happen. The plan starts in June to signal the end of the school year. The actions below are based on six parts:

1. Performances

2. Preparation for performances

3. Position selections

4. Concert performances


6. Administrative/managerial assignments

—————–End of the Academic Calendar——————


Play at graduation – Concert performances

Collect instruments and equipment – send out for repairs – Administrative/managerial assignments

Have beginning band class for rising fifth and sixth graders – Preparation for performances

Have intermediate band class for rising sixth seventh and eighth graders – Preparation for performances

Have advanced band class for rising eighth and ninth graders – Preparation for performances


Starting the third week of July have a marching band camp for new ninth graders, section leaders, and drum major 2 to 3 days a week. During this Camp, Work on musical fundamentals, marching fundamentals, band traditions and history, and indoctrinate into disciplinary procedures. Teach the freshman does star-spangled banter, the Alma Mater, and any other regular music played by the band. – Preparation for performances


Starting the first week of August, have a band rehearsal for all band members 2 to 3 days a week. Review all marching fundamentals and introduce music for the first show, as well as all traditional music to be played. During the second week of rehearsals, start the field placement for the first halftime show. Also begin working on the first show. – Preparation for performances

Pass out uniforms to returning band members – Administrative/managerial assignments

Fit new band members for uniforms – Administrative/managerial assignments


During class work on musical fundamentals, scales, and rhythm reading. – Preparation for performances

Begin to choose music for winter concert as well as spring adjudication. – Concert performances

Continue marching band performances – Performances

Start Fall fundraiser – Administrative/managerial assignments


During third week of October, pass out music to be performed at winter concert. – Preparation for performances

Begin working on this music. – Preparation for performances

Continue marching band performances – Performances


Began to wind down marching band, and begin perfecting music for winter concert. – Preparation for performances

Also choose other songs that are to be prepared for spring adjudication. – Administrative/managerial assignments

Spend time rehearsing Pep Band (were applicable) – Preparation for performances

Select destination for spring band trip – Concert performances


In the second or third week of December have the winter concert. – position selections

Also give students musical assignments to work on over winter break. – Concert performances

Continue to rehearse Pep band. – Preparation for performances

Select spring fund-raiser – Concert performances


—————–Start of the Calendar Year——————


Begin to prepare concert band for Adjudication/Spring Concert. – Preparation for performances

Begin to prepare Jazz band for spring performances – Preparation for performances

Begin Drum major tryout process. – position selections

Have pep band perform at selected basketball games – Performances


Continue preparation of concert band(s) – Preparation for performances

Continue preparation of Jazz band – Preparation for performances

Have Pep band perform at selected basketball Games – Performances

Continue Drum major tryout process – position selections

Take informal survey of band members that will be returning during the fall (including evaluation of what students will be graduating) – PROACTIVE MEASURES


Take concert band(s) to adjudication – Concert performances

Last week of March, begin to train band members on second instruments – PROACTIVE MEASURES

Continue the rehearse Jazz band – Preparation for performances

Select music for spring marching band camp – PROACTIVE MEASURES

Start spring fundraiser – Administrative/managerial assignments


Recruit at middle school feeders – Take band to the schools to perform – PROACTIVE MEASURES

Continue to rehearse concert band for Spring concert/ graduation – Preparation for performances

Take Jazz band to adjudication/festival – Performances

Have auxiliary tryouts – position selections

Conclude drum major tryouts – position selections

Continue training members on new instruments – PROACTIVE MEASURES

Begin to select music for fall – PROACTIVE MEASURES

Select destination for fall band trip(s) – PROACTIVE MEASURES

Have section leader interview/auditions – position selections


Have spring concert – Concert performances

Take spring band trip – Performances

Select fall fundraiser – PROACTIVE MEASURES

Have spring band camp for returning members – Preparation for performances

Have band awards Banquet – Administrative/managerial assignments

Collect band uniforms-clean and store – Administrative/managerial assignments


Make sure to contact Block Band Music and Publishing and ask to get your copy of Dr. Davenport’s book:

Practical Techniques for Building the High School Marching Band


Dr. Kevin O. Davenport

Literature suggestions for Concert Band preparation from Dr. Kevin O. Davenport


Book series:

Teaching Music Through Performance in Band” by Larry Blocher, Eugene Corporon, Ray Cramer and Tim Lautzenheiser. There are nine books in this series.

Concert band warmup books:

  1. Superior Bands in Sixteen Weeks – Quincy Hillaird
  2. Symphonic Warm-ups for Band – Claude T. Smith

Rhythmic studies books:

Rhythmic Vocabulary – Ed Sueta (Note: You can download this document from the link provided.)

Fourteen Weeks to a Better Band – Roger Maxwell (There is a Junior High set and a Senior High set.)


All of this material is tax-deductible for a band director as work-related materials.

A list of suggested concert band pieces will come out soon through Block Band.


Dr. Kevin O. Davenport

2014 Directors Series Bundle and Thanks


We would like to say thanks to everyone who participated in or listened to the first Directors Series Podcast on The Marching Podcast Network. We are honored to have someone of Dr. Davenport’s prestige help us grow the network, and it was good to reach out to the Directors, who are now our peers in the field. It is up to us to continue what we are doing to build our craft and our community, and we believe that we’re accomplishing this with the knowledge put out there in this series. The feedback and support from you, the listener, was the most in Marching Podcast history!

Since our inception, we’ve been telling the story of the college marching band scene, but we also have to mention and show our appreciation for the tremendous support we get from high school students on Twitter and when we broadcast high school-focused podcasts. We will continue this next year in 2015, so stay tuned for updates on next year’s series.

Again, special thanks and love to Dr. Kevin O. Davenport and Rashad Watters for helping us host the series and also for sponsoring the series. If you missed any of the series or have to jump to different places to hear them all at once, we posted the bundle below for you to listen all at once.

See you next year!!

IMG_0119 (1)

Hello world!

Hello world.. This is Joe Beard here to start documenting the love that I have for black college bands and to create a form of lively hood, promise, future, and community uplift to help change my community and to spread my love of black college bands to the world and to provide an avenue of education to our youth.

Of course no one does anything alone so that is why my partner in crime Samuel Glover will be building this empire with me. Not to mention the real brains behind any organization Steve Johnson… we will be applying teamwork that we learned when marching together for the International Institution of Sound Johnson C. Smith. After going our separate ways and with the help of all this new technology we are here to provide a service that we ourselves are dying for.

This blog is to post our ideas and to journal our road to what we are going for. We have individually done things to this point so now we are using this site to bring it all together. We would like to have a weekly podcast, that would build our capital and name and soon be an avenue for youth to earn music degrees to college and prepare them for lift. He hope to one day have a music school, a battle of the bands, mock drafts, high school seminars, anything that may excite the pulse of a bandsman so that we can not only build popularity but build community by exciting more of our youth about college and getting an education.

Keep crankin’