2019 #ChoppinItUp with Ashley Burkett


In this episode we meet Ashley Burkett. Ashley the author of the book ‘I Love Me Some Me’, works as an educator and has a connection with our host. Find out where Ashley is from, where she went to school and how she developed into an educator and publish author.

I Love Me Some Me – https://www.amazon.com/I-Love-Me-Some/dp/1548630004

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Where does Ashley Currently Work – 2:25

Dr. Ijei – 2:43, 34:09, 1:13:56

Where is Ashley From – 8:30

First Divine Nine Experience – 10:15 (John Pickens, John Needem)

Where did Ashley go to middle and jr high – 11:49, 1:05:40

Most Memorable Experience in High School – 14:14

Going to College, Major, Graduation – 16:00, 25:00, 26:55

Students from ’99 that went to college with Ashley – 17:15

Most Memorable Experience in College – 19:45, 23:20

Life After Undergrad, Post Grad Degree – 27:12, 30:00 (Karmen Baker)

Lion’s Choice – 32:35

How does Ashley keep her emotions in check – 38:00

Ashley’s TV Shows – 43:50

Memorable Experience in her Career – 49:40

I Love Me Some Me – 50:46 (Roosevelt Mitchell III, Chris House)

Mandy Drury – 1:05:35

Closing – 1:07:25

Check out this episode!

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