The 2018 90 Degree Show Vol. 14 ‘Stale’

In this episode we talk about the Celebration Bowl between the Champions of the MEAC The Blue and Gold Marching Machine in North Carolina A&T State University and the Champions of the SWAC The Sounds of Dynomite in Alcorn State University.

This podcast is brought to you by SAY Marketing and Promotions (1:16:00), Block Band Music & Publishing (9:18) Kevin Peete of RE/MAX PATRIOTS (1:16:50) (10:02) Smokee Os BBQ (1:17:30)

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LINKS: – Provided by ShowTime Web and BGMM Media

NCAT Halftime –

ASU Halftime –

The Fifth Quarter –


Halftime – 12:15

Alumni Reaction Show – 18:13

Stale – 31:40

Golden Girls – 33:08, 57:06

Snake – 44:44, 58:56

SU vs. NCAT…Again – 48:30

Sectional Features – 53:00, 59:40

ABC Coverage – 1:09:32

The Fifth – 1:19:10

Lead in the Fifth – 1:28:10, 1:35:10

Hit’em with that Smokee Os – 1:43:17

Closing – 1:44:34


Charles Watters – 10:40

Ira Coleman (Bam Bam) – 1:18:08

Check out this episode!

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