The 2018 90 Degree Show Vol. 5 ‘Polls and Rankings Again’



In this episode we talk some news about the Morgan State University Magnificent Marching Machine. We discuss a good matchup with Lane College and Hampton University. We talk about Jackson State’s Halftime Show from last week and we talk about the ESPN Undefeated HBCU Band Rankings for 2018. This podcast is brought to you by SAY Marketing and Promotions (1:15:20), and Block Band Music & Publishing. (5:19) RE/MAX PATRIOTS (1:16:10), SmokeeOs BBQ (1:16:52) and (59:50) Check out our website you can email the show at, tweet us @marchingpodcast, and follow our blog at We hope you enjoy the show!

Check out this episode!


Zero Quarter Lane vs. Hampton –

Lane Halftime –

Hampton Halftime –

Drum Battle Lane vs. Hampton –

JSU Greek Show –

Undefeated Band Poll as of Oct. 3, 2018


Morgan News – 7:00

Halftime Lane vs. Hampton – 18:00

Zero Quarter Lane vs. Hampton – 36:00, 47:30

Drum Battle – 41:20, 51:15

‘Intensity’ – 44:30, 49:45

JSU Greek Show – 56:48

Greek BreakDown – 1:03:10

JSU Tribute Show? – 1:08:00

The Undefeated Poll – 1:18:35

Do Polls Help Directors? – 1:30:50

Closing – 1:36:25


Eddie Meet Me on the 50 – 15:07

Killa Kev – 17:03, 39:50

Garrett Edgerson and Chat Room – 54:25

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