The 2016 90 Degree Show: The Florida Classic


Welcome to the 2016 90 Degree Show. In this podcast we welcome back Christy Walker and Rashad Watters to talk about what they are thankful for. We tell each other what we did this week including Christy schooling us on the latest Harry Potter movie and we talk about one of the schools that is removing themselves from the 2017 Honda. Should the Honda have something in place to avoid this from happening? We finish up the show with talking about the Florida classic between FAMU and BCU and we touch a little on the Soul Bowl between the Boom and the Sounds of Dynamite. This podcast is brought to you by Double Time Entertainment. DaEdge 1 Productions, Block Band Music & Publishing. Check out our website you can email the show at, tweet us @marchingpodcast, and follow our blog at

Check out this episode!

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