Welcome The Reeds and HBCU News to The Marching Podcast

REEDSWelcome Jeff and Sharon Reed to The Marching Podcast Network. They are hosting a brand new show called HBCU News with The Reeds! When I was trying to network with similar people in the field with common goals, I met Jeff and Sharon over the Internet and thought that they were doing great things with their online magazine.

I also love the fact they are a husband and wife duo which adds so much to the table. They are truly reflecting the image of two strong HBCU graduates in their respective fields, and also a family representation that I feel is important to show and to highlight in the community. They are the authors of a wonderful website called HBCU News which is a magazine format that has HBCU news updates. It is actually listed in our suggested sites. “HBCU news was started by HBCU graduates for HBCU graduates, HBCU students and HBCU fans. Some HBCUs are in financial trouble, and we believe in continuing to support them. Their mission is to provide HBCU news that matters to you.”

We are happy to announce that they are entering the world of podcasting and will be using our platform to speak to the world. This month we will Chop It Up with the Reeds on the 17th, so you can get to know more about them. HBCU News with The Reeds will broadcast on Tuesdays at 9 PM eastern here on The Marching Podcast Network!

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