Hanief Saterfield and Minding Our Business

We are proud to announce a new show and a new host to The Marching Podcast Network, Minding Our Business featuring Hanief Saterfield. Hanief is the owner and founder of Bobspotter, a mobile application that identifies black owned businesses across the country. The power of the application is the knowledge of these businesses existing and what we, as consumers, can do with this information will make a huge difference in our community. Hanief will be taking the podcast world head on by informing our community and our nation of where we can go to spend our dollars and at the same time keep our dollars in our community. Hanief will be talking to the owners of these businesses so we hear their story and gives them time to plug their business using our platform. Hanief will also be empowering our young listeners on how they can become owners of their own business. Learning from people who are in the field as we speak will give some young person the influence and the example to follow.

We are really excited to broadcast this show because this service is investing in our most important resource, our children, and will provide and spread the knowledge across the country. The perception of our people in business and education is very important for our children to see. You can go to the website here to download the app and to register your business.


Check out Minding Our Business with Hanief Saterfield coming this spring on The Marching Podcast Network!


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