I am very excited to announce that The Marching Podcast will be upgrading its service with Blog Talk Radio. This change will allow us to be able to broadcast 45 min, 60 min, 90 min and 120 min shows. This gives us a lot more flexibility and the opportunity to spend more time (beyond the current 30 min time window) depending on the topic of the show. We are also happy to announce that the times for the show will be changing to prime time hours. Prime time hours is the block of time when most people in the country are at home on their computers doing work, surfing the internet, listening to podcasts, etc. Prime time hours on Blog Talk Radio are from 7 PM (EST) to 11 PM (EST). The Marching Podcast will start to broadcast its shows during this peak time with hopes of getting more listeners, especially during the work week. Blog Talk Radio will also market the show 5,000 times per month on their website to help grow listeners. The time slot for the shows will be TBA.

This service is a paid service to enable all of the functionality stated above. To pay for this effort, we are proud to introduce our new team of sponsors that will be helping to improve the show and also get their businesses out to more people. A win-win situation as they say. The sponsors will help pay for the monthly service and in return we will promote their businesses through commercials on our show, as well as through Facebook and Twitter. In addition, we will create merchandise for each company through our apparel store: Marching Podcast Nalia.

At this time, we do not want to open the flood gates for all sponsors, but we want to plug the businesses that we believe in here at The Marching Podcast, and businesses that we want to see grow and stand for the same principles and benefits that have surrounded The Marching Podcast since its inception. We would like to introduce our first team of sponsors for The Marching Podcast. Please check out their information below, and we thank them very much for their support. Combining our forces is not only a blessing but a blueprint for our young people to follow.

Liquid Effex Photography

Block Band Music

8 to 5 pros


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