Financial Services, The Wright Way

I write another post in full excitement as I introduce another show to The Marching Podcast Network and a topic that is vital for improving the community. Bert Wright is a chapter fraternity brother of mine that has encouraged me to set up a college plan for my children. I am currently in the works of putting this together. This type of knowledge is something I would like to share with my friends, family, and also with the listeners of this radio network. Putting our money in the right places not only empowers our families but also empowers other people around us. They see the benefits of our money working for us and not so much us working for our money. In talking to Bert he believes that we can educate the public on the basic principles of financial security and we can give them opportunities to set up financial plans for their families. So we welcome Bert Wright to the family every second Tuesday of the month starting in January 2013.

Check out his website at

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