Marching Podcast Nalia

We are excited to introduce the Grand Opening of Marching Podcast Nalia. We have partnered with to create products with The Marching Podcast printed on them. With the money we earn, we are creating college scholarships. The scholarships will be for students that select a historically black college to attend and participate in the music program/ensemble in the music program. The store has things for men, women, children and babies. We have clothing, accessories, school supplies, coffee mugs, bags, blankets, and much more. We will  add more products every day, so if you don’t see what you want, check back later. We are also in the works of trademarking The Marching Podcast and our logo so we can put the logo on these products.

Please check out our store at:

You can also go to the store from our website: there is a Marching Podcast Nalia tab to click on and view the store.


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