My new mic – the Blue Yeti!

My cousin David Thompson, who I recently interviewed for an upcoming broadcast, told me about a microphone that I can use for my radio show. It is called the Blue Yeti, and he suggested that I check it out. After doing my research, I purchased the Blue Yeti which is truly an amazing microphone (and perfect for my podcast). I got it on Tuesday (Election Day), and I love it. I have listened to the playback, and it is very clear and distinct. There are settings that allow for different parts of the microphone to take in sound as well as eliminate background sounds. It makes my voice that much clearer on all my recordings, which helps me create very professional sounding podcasts. I really thank my cousin for turning me on to this device because I now feel like I am actually broadcasting, which makes me very happy. Along with the Blue Yeti microphone, I purchased what is called a Pop Filter which eliminates the piercing sound when saying words with P’s and S’s and also protects the mic. I have also upgraded my Skype account to call people’s phones, and this eliminates any problems with or worries about people having or not having Skype accounts. Now, I can call them on their phone and record the interview. In addition, I am going to start broadcasting my shows from Skype and not use my phone line anymore. I think the quality with Skype is a little better, especially with my new microphone. The Blue Yeti is an excellent microphone, and to anyone recording their own radio show or podcasts, I would definitely check it out!

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