The LA Battle of the Bands and Tamala Lewis

The main event that helped create The Marching Podcast is the LA Battle of the Bands sponsored by Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. When I first wanted to give back to the community, I wanted to bring a battle of the bands to LA. So when I found out LA Battle of the Bands already existed, I wanted to do my part to help the event. Now with The Marching Podcast, I will be attending the event and with media credentials! I am excited for this experience and for being part of the media for the first time.

I will be taking video of the event and pictures with as many people as possible. Lolita Carter from Dominguez High School will be there and we will make sure to get her on camera. I will also be passing out my business cards and wearing a t-shirt and hat with The Marching Podcast name and logo on them. I will put the videos on my website as the ‘videos of the week’ showcasing the bands at the event. On the Thursday night of the event, before the 25, I will be interviewing Tamala Lewis of the Home Depot Center about coordinating the event. She is a graduate of Spelman College, and we are happy that she and The Home Depot Center have agreed to do the interview with us. We will talk about her background, what made her choose Spelman, and her experience with coordinating this event. This will be the first event for The Marching Podcast, and it means a lot to us for it to be the very event we wanted to bring into existence. We will dream of having a battle of the bands with colleges from CA in the future!

Choppin’ it Up with Tamala Lewis
Thursday Oct. 25; 11:30pm EST

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