One Nation Under a Boom and Renae Baker

“The Sonic Boom Association was started to build unity and unite with formal band members so we can work as a team moving forward to work for the good of the Sonic Boom of The South.” Renae Baker started this group, and she is currently the President. On October 19th, there is an event and social called One Nation Under a Boom which consists of a meeting, sit-down dinner, live entertainment, and the opportunity to greet formal band directors.

We wanted to highlight this event because it is not only someone doing a service but it is also a service to build and encourage support for the Sonic Boom of the South, which allows us to keep in touch and help each other out for the rest of our lives. Marching in any band is a great experience but knowing that you are becoming part of a family for the rest of your days gives us another avenue of support that will help us throughout adulthood. We are having a special “Choppin’ It Up” episode on Tuesday to talk to Renae about her background, how she started the association, and how she keeps it moving. This will be a live show, so we welcome Sonic Boom Association members to call in and talk about the organization, and if they attended the formal, to talk about that as well.

Choppin’ it Up with Renae Baker
Tuesday Oct. 23; 10:30pm CST

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