The Marching Database

To support the new format of the 90 Degree show, I am currently analyzing each band and the directors of each band to give a scouting report on them. I would like to create a database, so I am better equipped to provide a professional take on the match-ups each week. We want this show to be after the game to give people a chance to call in and give their opinion of the battle. We hope you like the show because we can approach the conversation of each band from all perspectives.

We recognize style through schemes, and we recognize schemes through coaches. This is no different with bands. The directors write the performances from music to drill and give the students the structure they need. We want to analyze the directors to understand the style of the band and to see where they get certain ideas musically and/or through drill. Knowing the behind the scenes will help with the critique of the bands. I will document the scouting report one school at a time and release it here on the blog. We will start this in the off-season so we can gather as much video as possible. We want to have a show to discuss each scouting report and hopefully get some of the students and fans to chime in on the show to see if they agree, disagree and/or enlighten us on something we may be wrong about.

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