The New 90 Degree Show!

We had a great time recapping the Boombox Classic, but we could have gotten more insight from more people. With more exposure and more popularity, any topic will get a certain number of callers, but right now and moving forward, we want to fill the thirty minutes we have with as many battle experiences as possible. If someone has a great experience they like to share but was not at a game that we focus on, they more than likely will not call in to the show. This weekend made me think of this when the BCU vs. NC A&T was played under hurricane conditions so not a lot of footage was available. The most coverage of any game I was exposed to was the SU vs. Alcorn State game, and our co-host Chris Jones attended a battle of the bands in South Carolina that he wanted to share with everyone.

After these events and more discussion, we have decided to let the 90 Degree Show be a listener’s chance to call in and share their experience at whatever game they may have attended the previous day. We will still ask our standard questions to add content and conversation to the call. We will try to implement this format for today’s show, and from this Sunday forward throughout the season, we will try to recap as many battles as we can each week. In the off-season, we will tackle topics of discussion like we started to do this spring. Here are our standard battle questions:

Best Sound
Better Marching
Best Drum Majors
Best Section
Better Halftime Show
Better Stand Performance
What was crankin’?
What was stankin’?
What were they thinking?
Your two cents

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