New Links Added to Our Blog!

Every day we are figuring out more and more about the functionality available within our blog. As part of this learning process, we now know how to include links to other pages and websites on our blog. Providing links to similar and relevant web pages and sites is important to us, because we want to ensure that our community is able to access a wide variety of information and what they need or are looking for may be on another site. So, now on the right-hand side of our blog, we have a “Suggested Links” section, which lists and provides you access to our related links.

One of the many reasons it is important to us to share related links with our readers and listeners is in reference to meeting Nicole Ford Calvary who works to build support for black colleges. She has put together a black college fair that I found out about via the Internet and wanted to be part of. Nicole works full-time to build our schools; and after speaking with her for quite some time about her experience, the events she has hosted and the contacts she has established, I realized how beneficial and motivating it would be if Nicole could become part of The Marching Podcast Family. We would like for her to bring her business to TMP and have her own show this upcoming fall, which will more than likely replace The Blunote Show. Nicole has hosted multiple events to help bring the black college culture to the West Coast, including HBCU Tours which is a bus tour that takes kids from California to the South for some exposure to the black college experience.

So, all of our hopes have come to fruition, and Nicole is going to be giving her expertise and knowledge in podcast form at least once a month on Tuesdays via The Marching Podcast. She will also have live episodes where people can call in and talk with her live on Tuesdays. The Marching Podcast crew is really excited about this program, because we want kids to be exposed to marching bands. Along with that exposure, we also want them to be preparing for college and with some insight into these schools, we are hoping that they can make a more well-rounded decision when the time comes. Check out the “HBCU Tours, Events and Scholarships” link on our list of “Suggested Links” to view Nicole’s site, Stepping in the Right Direction, which contains all the information there is to know about HBCU Tours. Until next time, keep practicing.

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