Proper Introduction: Avery McFadden

Avery McFadden is a musician and music educator from Florence, SC, where he began his musical interest playing piano at the age of 6.  He began playing the violin at 8, and trumpet at 11. Upon entering middle school, he couldn’t be in the orchestra and band, so he decided to focus primarily on the trumpet, where he excelled to earn membership into  Florence District One Musically Exceptional (D.OM.E), All-State Concert and Jazz Bands, USC Honor Bands, and won other awards throughout the state.

Avery received his Bachelor of Music Education from Jackson State University (2002) and a Master of Music Education and Jazz Studies from Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music (2006). He currently resides in Brooklyn where he teaches workshops and privately with Middle & High School band programs throughout the NYC area.   He plays and records with numerous bands spread across many musical genres and we are honored to have him as part of the marching podcast family. Check out WoodSheddin with Avery McFadden here on TMP Network.

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