Audio Issues

Today was the Choppin it up episode with Gregory Johnson and we have to say we were not happy with the audio quality of the episode. I think the problem is that the interview person must be on a land line phone to get the best audio quality. I think today that Gregory was on a cell but at times sounded muffled and may have not been talking directly into the phone. I will start telling the interview person that they must do the episode from a land line phone from now on and to make sure they are talking directly into the telephone for the best clarity. I think it was a good interview but the audio hurts this episode and we hate to put out something like this but we are learning here at the Marching Podcast and appreciate your patience. We will make this better for the future because Gregory will be a guest on the show in the future. Especially to give us updates on The National Band League and the petition to get Marching Bands recognized at a sport.

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