The Premier of the WoodSheddin Show

We are proud to annouce the premier of the WoodSheddin Show on The Marching Podcast Network June 24, 2012. The episode will be titled Woodsheddin for Brass with Avery McFadden. The Woodsheddin show will be a podcast on instrumentation development and as the show gains more resources the episodes will get more and more specific to an individual instrument and as popularity goes we will decide to have live woodsheddin shows for people to call in and talk with the instructor. Right now Avery is the only teacher with the network but we hope that to change in the future. Avery was a music teacher in the New York School system and still has private students. He finished Jackson State with his undergrad in Music Education and a Masters in Music from Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music. Avery was my crab brother in the band and was my roommate through college.

I stated this on the other blog but he was my best man and I was his best man and we work well together. Right now the episode will be on general brass performance. The details of the show are still TBA but we want the teacher to focus on specific skills because of the 30 timeframe. This will go by fast so we don’t want to prepare for lots of information but focus on two or three topics at a time maybe 4 at the most. The instructor will give their knowledge on the subject but I will ask questions during the process to make sure people are following or if people out there have a question something he is saying. We have set a date for June 24th and we want our viewers to be excited and prepared for woodsheddin for brass with Avery Mcfadden! That will be June 24, 2012 at 6pm eastern time presented to you by the marching podcast and blog talk radio. Special thanks to Avery for committing his time, because he has two young children and I know how I feel with just one. Tonight I will be calling him on skype to test the sound quality of our conversation and sending him the audio file to listen.

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