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Thanks for reading. At this point we are working on frequency of the show mixed with content and fitting things into 30 minutes. Instead of trying to keep the episode with topics, interview and discussion, I think we should have the episode cater to the specific content. The Marching Podcast is the franchise, or the company name so to speak, the entity and the episodes that are produced are from the marching podcast family umbrella.

Instead of trying to keep the same template for every episode, we just have a specific episode for the 30 minutes. There will be a recruitment show (TBA), Summer Sheddin’ (got that idea from someone on the website), a discussion show (the author of a comment will discuss what made them post the topic and answer questions from other callers), Interview show (the interview will pub the person and their project and at the end take calls from people.

With the time constraint of 30 minutes I do not want to cut things to less than 10 minutes a segment to make it through. We will have to keep things moving but we have to make sure we open and close the show within the time given. Doing topics and an interview will be more content for an hour than 30 minutes, but this way we can produce more episodes under different title names. So for now we have:

1. The 90 Degree Show (Flagship Show)
2. Summer Sheddin’ (high school/college)
3. Interview Show (TBA) Looking for feedback on an episode name.
4. Recruiting Show (TBA) Looking for feedback on an episode name.

The Marching Podcast could even do other episodes on other topics possibly sports and/or fantasy sports, but this is still very new right now. We want to focus on building our product as is before expanding, but our goal is to make the world a better place and that will always be our end goal.

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