And there it is……

So I have completed my first show….I thank goodness had enough material for 15 but really had enough material for 45 minutes with the introduction and my first topic. I felt good recording and with my experience on the phone in my career and listening to podcasts and radio shows I felt like i did OK. I am still getting the sound together but next time I will be ok with that. I made a list of people I want to talk to and I have sent out most information on facebook. With just the 30 minutes the time can fly by, so I may not be able to do a show with an interview unless the questions where fast and quick.

I am sure I can do both with maybe each episode to focus on the person and other shows about hot topics on one of the sites. I am hoping that the people who post comments will want to respond through the show and maybe have them call in to maybe co host or help with the discussion. I for sure want to spread the love because it will bring more to the show and more listeners. I would like to stayed grounded and keep this with the focus of building excitement and getting a kids to consider attending a black colleges from California. If we take it more on ourselves its special and the more we build that idea, especially in our youth we will change the world.

I have already scheduled my next show for next weekend and I may change the time so I hope to get more listeners. I definitely can get the interviews going and I am sure they will be in their own episode, with the end of the show to be for callers.

Well that is it for now. I will see if I get an interview this week and next week see if I get any bites on the initial topic and see if there is a good one to talk about. I like to get the experience more and more and getting a specific judge of time during the show. I cannot find the way to practice with the sound and to introduce and close the show so the more I do the better. La Mejor 🙂

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