It’s been a long time….

Ok.. I’m reloaded!!!! I was out of there for a minute with grown man stuff and some planning but I am happy to post another blog to document my journey. I have found a platform to broadcast my show and I believe that I am 90% to making this a reality. On Twitter I follow a HBCU Digest that gives all great information on black college news from sports to education and he has been posting his show to listen as well. When I started to listen to one of the shows I saw blogtalkradio running the show for him. I immediately started to follow his show and then did the research on the site for my passion and it all came together.

To make a long story short:

On the second side I needed content and being on the west coast where there are not any bands I wanted to create a way to keep connected and I can create interests here on the west coast and provide a future of the youth in this area and possibly this area of the country. I then went to and looked at all of the news about FAMU. I touched base with Joshua M. Cousin who is the ad administrator for the site and he told me that I will be able to use the content from the site for discussion. I also found out that the creator of the site is a Jackson State Grad so it looks like things are lining up in the right direction. 🙂

I now need to put together a time line of the show which at this point is:

I. News
a. press release
b. weekend matchups (during the season)
c. discussion topics, blogs, recruiting (possibly its own show)
d. upcoming events

II. Interview
a. introduction
b. content
c. advertise

III. Voices in the Crowd (open discussion)
a. interview person
b. any topic from I

IV. Closing
a. shot outs
b. advertise
c. Thanks

The interview section I need to come up with some good questions to ask. The segment may only get to be 6-8 minutes depending on the topics and what people want to talk about, so I need to hit the best areas to make a great interview. I also want some time at the end to allow the person to advertise any information to the public to expand their brand.

I am thinking that Recruiting can be its own show because of the time constraints. It would be more geared to high school students, high school and college directors to help kids find the band that they want to march for. Some of the topic can be touched upon here at the hub show 🙂

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